Okay, so you have a computer – or more than one! – And every now and then you have a little problem.

A broken screen, CPU pain, migraines in RAM or even a virus! Multiple ailments can affect your computer and cause it to malfunction. Not to mention the passing of the years, which can damage your components and turn them into fond electronic grandparents.

Computer equipment lives in our world and, although it is made of silicon and other materials, it obeys the same laws of physics as our bodies, which means that time and effort will also affect it, causing damage of various kinds.

Just like many people go to their doctor when they notice certain symptoms, your computers are likely to show signs that something bad is going on. And some will have to do with incorrect computer maintenance.

6 common problems in computer maintenance

When we talk about computer maintenance, we mean a series of actions carried out on computer equipment (both software and hardware) in order to achieve optimum performance.

According to our needs and our possibilities, the computer maintenance of our equipment will be in more or less experienced hands. From our grandmother Patricia, who has given a course and has become a fan of information technology, or us, to professionals such as system administrators or companies that provide maintenance services, this may depend on various people, with greater or lesser fortune depending on the expertise of whoever takes care of it.

When carrying out computer maintenance tasks, the aim is to reduce the amount of problems. However, for various reasons, it is possible that some of them may appear. These are six of the most common ones.

1. The computer gets too hot

It’s quite a classic. You put your laptop on your knees (a very bad practice, by the way), and right after you start to find a smell like grilled meat, and it hurts!

There are many reasons why equipment can become overheated, including the aging of its components or more specific failures, such as problems with the internal cooling system, especially with fans.

Overheating can in turn cause multiple damage to the equipment and even cause the equipment to shut down as a protective measure, so be careful and try to keep it from reaching critical temperatures – remember, this is not a grill!

2. The hard drive is full

With the use of your computer and depending on the activity you do with it, it is likely that you will begin to accumulate more and more content (software, file storage, etc.), and if you do not have proper control over the use of your hard drive it will also be likely that there will come a time when it will be full.

Having your hard disk in such conditions can cause a number of problems, such as slowing down your computer or making it impossible to continue saving data, sometimes of great importance (for example, backups). To avoid this type of situation, good computer maintenance will again be of great importance.

3. RAM can’t take it anymore

We all have a limit, and your computer’s RAM is no exception. Some actions, such as using a large number of programs at the same time, can make RAM too fast and cause your computer’s performance to drop. Or it may also happen that the capacity of this is too low for the requirements of your job. In any case, good computer maintenance should take this type of variable into account and act accordingly.

4. Your computer has malware

Viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojans… these little demonic creatures are called by various names, and when they are present on your computer they will act with bad intentions.

There are a number of reasons why some of this malicious software might be hidden on your computer, ranging from things such as the opening of”suspicious” emails to poor computer maintenance which has not protected your computer or removed these malicious programs. The truth is that the presence of malware can cause significant damage, such as theft of sensitive data, so watch out for these undesirable bugs!

5. The computer is too old

The years go by for everyone, and for your computer, too.

We know that you have been with it for many years and that you are very fond of it, but if your computer can no longer handle its soul and does not do its job, you probably need to think about replacing it with another one or at least renewing some of its components. This type of action is also typical of computer maintenance.

6. The operating system is too old

Do you use the same operating system that the Greek mathematicians used in their abacuses? Okay, you should also change it for a new one.

In any case, if your computer’s operating system is not that old, don’t forget to keep it properly updated, which will improve its performance and reduce the incidence of some problems, such as certain vulnerabilities.

As a conclusion

And so far we’ve seen 6 common problems with your computer that are closely related to computer maintenance, do you want to see more?

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