Manage your incidents with Integria IMS

Pandora FMS is complemented and integrated with Integria IMS, a simple, powerful and easy to use helpdesk software. It is intended for issue management and general support processes; it is the ideal tool for an operation or support team.


You can create, track and display tickets intuitively.


With Integria IMS you can automate and generate notifications of routine tasks through powerful workflows.


Manage service quality, prioritize and automate responses through SLAs to meet your business needs.


Adapt your needs with multiple custom fields.

gestion de incidencias featured - Issue management / ITSM

Update and track all your requests via email.


Find out the satisfaction of your service thanks to the quality evaluation system.


You will have access to greater security and permissions management with roles, profiles and groups.


Easily access information, visualize trends and quickly find your service weaknesses with reports.

Other Integria IMS features

Knowledge database

You will have access to a large number of categorized articles and downloadable files in multiple languages, and with access control to manage issues.


Native monitoring

Monitor the status of your issues and generate alerts when SLAs are not respected or problems build up.

Integration of forms

Integrate your customer forms into your own website, feeding Integria IMS directly, via API.

Inventory system

Track changes and actions in your machines, integrating this option into issue management and with Pandora FMS agents.


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