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Twenty four hectic months after Pandora FMS 6.0’s launch, we are proud to present the latest version of our proprietary monitoring software: Pandora FMS 7.0 Next Generation. It comes stacked with new functions and debugs, destined to simplify your day-to-day monitoring tasks.

Added functions

New interactive network maps

All previous types of maps have been consolidated, and their functions integrated into automatic network topology detection. It also allow users to link to L2 manuals.


Business transaction monitoring

Distributed business transaction monitoring provides oversight and feedback on each phase of any level of business transaction (online sales, security certification systems).

pandora ng release notes

Visual console upgrades

We’ve worked on improving current functions, fine-tuning here and there, and improving the look of the final product. New icons, true type fonts and a considerable overhaul of the editor in terms of usability.

pandora ng release notes

Console now includes event history.

Being able to store events on the database means long-term events-reporting.

Dashboard upgrades

New Dashboard widgets: histogram module, agent/module status grid with improved filters, module data (icon, value), SLA percentages with histogram and data charts. Share your dashboard with other users who don’t have access to the console (public link).

pandora ng release notes

All services at a glance

New global vision lets you see all current services and their status.

pandora ng release notes

Rename agents and matching names.

Agents are free to be relabelled, and will subsequently count as aliases. This allows host names to be duplicated on a single installation.

Rolling Release

From the current release (Pandora FMS NG: Next Generation) onward, patches and improvements will be applied incrementally, directly from the console, without the need for migrations or updates.

UX Monitoring

UX monitoring for complete transactions, start to finish, including flash, java and complex actions. Test heavyweight desktop applications remotely, through various transaction phases, checking each is successfully completed, and timings related to each phase.

pandora ng release notes

Dynamic monitoring: automatic threshold calculation

An intelligent and predictive system that allows different module thresholds to be automatically established, based on data collected during a specific timeframe.

Visual help to select thresholds

Dynamic graphs displaying approximate representations of established module thresholds, helping the user to more correctly establish the thresholds required.

pandora ng release notes

Mobile version for Metaconsole.

pandora ng release notes

Update Manager Online on Metaconsole

If you’re online it’s now possible to update the Metaconsole without having to manually download packets.

New: Pandora FMS Sync-Server

Extend your monitoring to isolated and/or restricted networks. Communication is initiated by the Pandora FMS server, instead of from the remote network to the server.

pandora ng release notes

Satellite server upgrades

– The satellite server allows block SSH checks, reutilizing a single remote connection to carry out different checks against remote machines.
– Credentials safe storage allows passwords (wmi, SSH) to be securely saved, via encryption, and reemployed on different devices, with no need to define them for each host.
– L2+L3 network recognition, adopting the ReconServer model.
– Includes disabled networks for Satellite checks, for faster and more efficient scanning.

New ISO installation based on CentOS7

The OS used on the official ISO is now updated, from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7, as well as containing the latest version of Pandora FMS.

Major and minor upgrades

  • Agent IP searches now also allow for secondary IPs.
  • Improved SLA algorithm.
  • New report types: weekly and monthly SLA.
  • New checkbox added for massive agent deletion. Allows user to select only disabled agents.
  • Real time report execution has been limited. If a report is too dense a warning will show with an option to send the report by email.
  • Now possible to change dashboard groups.
  • Custom reports can now be even more fine-tuned.
  • Upgrades on mobile console.
  • Added: a list of any agents in collections.
  • Programmed tasks improvements. New task added to ‘Create reports from template and send by email’.
  • Fixed: a problem with agent installer permissions on tar.gz. packets.
  • Warning added to explain that perl-Sys-Syslog dependencies are necessary.
  • Updated: pandora_agent.conf for FreeBSD.
  • Fixed: errors in exporting event reports to PDF and CSV.
  • Public Dashboards link.
  • Improvements in Active Directory integration and authentication.
  • Fixed: problems when importing policies that included plugin server modules.
  • Added: customizable percentiles on graphs.
  • Order IPAM lists according to IP, network, interval or latest update.
  • New programmed tasks extension on the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed: a problem with the zoom on the service maps.

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