We interview Daniel Rodríguez, head of QA at Pandora FMS

Today, in the intriguing adventures of the Pandora FMS blog, we are finally going to discover and reveal the secret behind the initials “QA”. For this investigation we will have the help of Daniel Rodríguez, the very celebrated head of the QA team at Pandora FMS.

Thanks to him we will get rid of all doubts, as we did with other enigmatic investigations on acronyms, such as UFO, CD or, how to forget!, WTF, which made us work for months on the day-to-day of the streets and in the deepest parts of the net.

If you want to follow us again in this reading, go ahead, you will feel like someone who came out of an adventure: satisfied and eager to tell it.

How did you end up in a company like Pandora FMS?

I knew some people who worked here at the time and they recommended the company. They started by saying that “it’s the best”, “come here”, “we would make a great team, you’ll see how much you will like these people and how well they will treat you”… And, you know, I couldn’t resist.

For the inexperienced: What does QA mean?

Don’t worry, I will solve your ancestral doubt. “QA” is equal to “Quality Assurance”. My brand, my crew.

What exactly do you do in the QA team?

We run batteries of tests on the tools we offer every time something is fixed or a new feature is added to find bugs. So customers can have versions that are as stable as possible.

And you as the head of this team, what are you in charge of?

As head of QA, I am in charge of managing the team’s work, maintaining the test environment, and testing the most difficult or demanding tests.

What are the most satisfying tasks of your day to day?

Uhhh, when the release is out without any trouble and in a convenient way, it gives me a high all over my body…

And the most stressful or terrible ones?

Final pre-release testing. They tend to be very stressful because we have a release date and unforeseen events always arise at the last minute, as you can imagine.

What do you think is the most important lesson you have learned working for this company?

Adapting to situations where work is developed differently, in this case with remote working due to the current situation. Yes, that could be an example.

Any remarkable/unspeakable anecdotes at this time in Pandora FMS?

Many, almost all of them unspeakable.

What hobbies drive you crazy?

Video games and music. They blow me away.

Tell me the first thing that comes to mind when I say these words:

* Pandora: Collaboration
* Friday night: Friends
* Bugs: Work
* Sunday evening: Movie