Remote monitoring software: control all your devices from home

COVID-19 is and will be the talk of the town due to its large-scale social, humanitarian and economic repercussions, but how can it affect a company’s systems, why is so important to rely on a monitoring software?

Many employers find themselves in the need to offer their employees remote working options, which means leaving the offices empty without actual machine supervision, which calls for a remote monitoring software to monitor their systems.

How can remote working affect your office?

This is a question that many workers, whose jobs involve computer systems, may wonder. Let’s see the case of some problems that may cause the machines to be “abandoned” in the offices.

Mass connections

Since they have to work remotely, the employees of a company find themselves in the need to connect through VPN (Virtual Private Network) to their offices in order to continue accessing different services that they offer within their systems. These connections generate more network traffic on office routers, which can cause a VPN failure.

Data increase

Users that keep on logging in the systems externally may cause make files to be generated on the machines that are accessed, which may end up filling up the disk or slowing external connections.

Machine or service failure

It is possible that, for some reason, a virtual machine that you have in your systems has been restarted or shut down due to lack of resources. This failure can leave a company without a key service, such as a machine that manages the payment of an application, which is a key error in a business transaction.

This error can be very dramatic and rare, but there is a possibility that more basic errors, such as a process failure, may be crucial. A machine can have an Apache process failure and cause all requests to its URL to fail and clients to be lost.

System heating

The performance of certain machines can be drastically affected by lack of manual maintenance, due to the increasing temperature. This increase could not only slow down the use of the system, but even cause its emergency shutdown to avoid a major hardware failure.

All these errors or failures are easier to solve when you are at your office. But when you’re not there, why not use a remote monitoring software to even avoid them?

Discover Pandora FMS remote monitoring software

Pandora FMS is a remote monitoring software capable of monitoring systems, applications, processes or servers quickly and easily. Pandora FMS is created to be able to be used in any operating system, since it is a highly monitoring scalable software.

How can a remote monitoring software help me solve my problem?

By following the order of the problems described above, we will explain how to solve each one of them:

  • Mass connections: Pandora FMS uses the different versions of the SNMP protocol to be able to supervise the connections from its server, and to be able to control and supervise the use of the different routers of a company. Additionally, if the router has a trap system, Pandora FMS has a server devoted to trap reception for a more dynamic and real-time control of the failures that the monitored system may have.
  • Data increase: Through the use of native commands from each OS, Pandora FMS can monitor the memory usage of each of the different partitions, in order to predict the increase in disk usage.
  • Machine and service failure: By using different remote modules created in Pandora FMS, together with displaying features, you can have a map of the system machines that reports in real time machine switching on / off, as well as the possibility of monitoring the different critical system processes.
  • Machine overheating: By installing Pandora FMS software agents on the machines, local checks can be carried out to control the state of the machines, obtaining important information from each one of them for their correct operation.

In addition, the Pandora FMS remote monitoring software has been developed to be useful beyond those problems, such as monitoring third-party applications for example. However, here we have seen only how to monitor these setbacks. But how can you solve problems effectively?

Action automation

Pandora FMS, in addition to having a monitoring system aimed at all types of environments, has an alert system that allows action automation regarding the different errors that may arise.

Module alert

Pandora FMS offers the possibility to configure alert thresholds within the performed monitoring. These settings notify the Pandora FMS server that a monitoring element is in an wrong status, so that Pandora FMS will be able to act in response.

For that, there is a customizable alert system, where you can configure any action that can be executed by the server. Keeping on with the previously exposed problems, by means of a configured alert, the number of files in a system could be reduced by deleting old files, activating a stopped service or even being able to activate a system fan.

Trap Alerts

As we have previously described, Pandora FMS has a server devoted to traps that certain routers can send to control for example interface failures. By using trap alerts, you can send commands to the affected router to activate these interfaces, restart the router or enable connections.

Economic and time benefits of remote monitoring software

As it can be seen, leaving the machines in our offices out of control can lead to failures that affect the normal operation of a company, and may bring about adverse effects.

Having a tool like Pandora FMS will not only help you to quickly and easily supervise the different systems of a company, but they will also decrease failure chances, saving time and work in repairing the different elements.

This failure prevention entails a reduction in the time spent searching for information manually, as well as subsequent actions.

In companies with real-time transactions with the client, the failures that this remote monitoring software can prevent can avoid the loss of transactions and, therefore, of clients.

A little more about Pandora FMS

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