Ártica Pandora PFMS launches a new channel program for partners as a key element in its business development strategy.

Ártica Pandora PFMS, within the framework of its global growth strategy, is evolving its channel program with the firm intention of expanding its worldwide network of partners. We will do so together with companies that complement, with their knowledge of the clients’ business, the wide range of monitoring, incident management and remote management services provided byPandora FMS, Pandora FMS Remote Control and Pandora FMS ITSM products.

At Pandora FMS we understand the importance of the benefits provided by a quality service, and, therefore, we want to develop the potential of professional IT companies whose purpose is to improve their clients’ business through knowledge and proper IT infrastructure use.

Since our main objective is the service quality for the users of our solutions, we especially focus on the qualification of our partners. We know for a fact that deep knowledge of our tools increases their productivity, while reducing the time spent by technicians. Effectiveness and efficiency that are achieved through custom training, and that can reproduce the customer environment so that partner-customer integration is fast and efficient.

The new Pandora FMS channel program embraces any size of company, from service providers to MSPs, consultancies, system integrators, distributors, etc. Of course, as long as they understand the value that monitoring and knowledge of the status of the IT infrastructure provides in the positive evolution of their business.

It is a simple program, easy to understand and comply with, without any tricks or hidden conditions. Flexible, with the ability to adapt to the needs of partners and their customers. Consistent, based on many years of experience attending and understanding the particularities of the channel and always aimed at providing the maximum benefit, direct and indirect, to companies that place their trust in us.

Now Pandora FMS partners self-qualify based on their commitment on three levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. We certify that any of the levels is perfectly qualified to represent, with guarantees, Ártica PFMS products before clients. Our channel program also contemplates complementing the small deficiencies that may arise with our own manufacturer services, of the highest level.

All of our partners will have commercial interlocutors who, listening to customer requirements, understand their needs and are able to propose the appropriate solution. Gold partners will also have a qualified and certified technical team to install and adapt our solution to the client. And, of course, Platinum partners will enjoy higher independence and a higher volume of commercial and technical resources, which will allow them much more agile response times.

For Pandora FMS, the word “partner” means commitment, so the entire company has acquired the responsibility of helping to develop the channel’s business. From our first resource to the last (technical, presale, commercial, marketing, administration…) we are all available to our partners to minimize their own needs and maximize their business generation.

Each of our collaborating partners has their idiosyncrasies and their catalog of solutions, and the success of our channel program lies in the way we adapt Pandora FMS products to said portfolio, seamlessly, so that the organization of our partners, as a whole perceives that your solutions are scaled up without the need for patches or technical or commercial efforts.

We share the path, we work on demand generation, either directly through events and campaigns for predefined clients, or indirectly through social networks, generalist and economic press, press specialized in information technology or presence in sector fairs. We actively collaborate also providing all kinds of commercial information on the product portal.

Once the need is created, we reinforce, with our presence, the work of the salespeople, both in the initial stages of validation of the opportunity, and in the realization of presentations and custom demonstrations to clients, including, depending on the demand, tests of concept or even pilots with real data. We always leave the relational initiative to our partners, to whom in no case do we discuss the ownership of the opportunity, we only stay by their side in the sales cycle, thus guaranteeing avoiding conflicts between partners that may cause image and productivity loss in end customers.

Once the agreement with the clients has been reached, we continue to be by the side of our collaborators, providing them with all those services they need to complement their training and guaranteeing the success in the project’s execution.

And we don’t stop there, because we know that the relationship with a client does not end with an installation, but that it is something alive, constantly evolving, like our products, which include improvements (releases) from three to five weeks. Our direct support, or through the partner, is able to cover, with continuous coverage, the demand of the end companies that trust us.

In short, at Pandora FMS, we take our business very seriously, as much as any company with which we have the pleasure of collaborating, and, therefore, we have chosen a simple, flexible and seasoned channel model, which allows for the money generated by the ecosystem of partners that we are creating to affect and feed it. So the services we offer, together, obtain a productive knowledge of everyone’s information technology infrastructure, and this helps businesses grow in a sustainable way with the minimum operating cost.

If you are already a Pandora FMS partner, ask us more about how to grow together and, if you are not yet, find out all the details of the new partner program and contact us. We are sure to find quick business synergies.