Downtime hurts customer loyalty and impacts revenue so it is critical to resolve issues quickly. Since your systems need to be up 24/7/365, you need to know when there are issues whenever, wherever.

Today we launched our integration with PagerDuty to help you decrease your mean-time-to-resolution. If your systems are down at 2 AM, PagerDuty alerts will wake you up so you fix issues instantly.

Pandora FMS is an all purpose monitoring software for infrastructure monitoring that detects when something is wrong and performs actions under certain ciscumstances with the alerts’ system, among many other things.

PagerDuty is an incident management solution that aggregates alerts from any monitoring tool and routes them to the right person for the job via their personalized notification rules.

Thanks to this integration, the desired alerts from Pandora FMS are sent to PagerDuty, and PagerDuty routes voice, SMS, email and push notification alerts. If these alerts are missed by the primary on-call person they will be automatically re-routed to another team member until it is responded to. PagerDuty also has on-call scheduling capabilities so you can fairly rotate on-call responsibility without limits on users, location or device.



The integration is so simple as a script executed by an alert in Pandora FMS. This script calls the web API of PagerDuty to create and close and incident:

  • Alert is triggered in Pandora FMS -> New Incident is created on PagerDuty (Status: Triggered)
  • Alert is recovered in Pandora FMS -> Incident of PagerDuty linked to this alert is closed (Status: Resolved)

With the Pandora FMS and PagerDuty integration, you can ensure Pandora FMS alerts will get to the right person so issues can be solved quickly.

You can check the official integration guide HERE.