Pandora FMS Community was first launched sixteen years ago. Today, it has more than 2.5K active members* that visit it to participate, learn, answer questions, and contribute everything they can and know.

*4.6K discussion threads and over 16K responses.

But the time for change has come!

The new Pandora FMS Community is here!!!

With the growth of the community, and the extensive scope of useful content available, we knew it was time to invest in updates to support our users and welcome new members with open arms.

We migrated to a new platform.

A platform for Pandora FMS Community that allows new user experience with categorized questions and answers as well as private and public groups. New knowledge base and integrated blog.

Because of that, the domain changed from to

https: //

But don’t worry, all the previous links are redirected to your new home!

The question is: Why are we launching a new community site?

Simply put, we want to help our whole community connect, collaborate, and share knowledge in every way possible. 

And this launch is our particular investment to provide you with the technologies and capabilities to enhance your experiences and increase support, education and contribution.

What new features await you?

  1. Private and public groups

Would you like to contribute with your own ideas? What would you like to improve? This is your group, open to anyone who wants a better IT world.

Restricted group for users who manage complex Pandora FMS configurations (Open or Enterprise) and want to contribute. Discuss the roadmap, usage issues… Access to unpublished material will be restricted.

Pandora FMS Beta program helps to publicize what is currently being developed in Pandora FMS, both in the Community and Enterprise versions, accessing development versions generated daily. 

These versions can be used to test new features, evaluate bug fixes, and evaluate development progress in test environments. 

Since the group is closed and small, it is an excellent group to propose improvements, usability failure detection or non-contemplated use cases, etc.

To join the group, which is a restricted-access one, you must request access through our community website. 

In this group there are community users and Enterprise version customers alike, there is no need to give away any personal data or identify yourself in any way, all those who want to be part of the group and can contribute something are welcome.

Whether you are an IT company professional, a teacher of a technical course or an open source enthusiast, this group is geared towards helping coordinate Pandora FMS working groups and events.

  1. Categories established with different topics
  1. Range ranks and badges with karma system updates
  1. Private messaging on the platform

Its main differences with the previous forum?

The previous forum was limited to questions and answers, a forum for pure and simple discussion. 

The new Pandora FMS online community, in order to enhance bilateral communication between users, integrates many more options apart from the forum:

  • Its very own blog.
  • A knowledge base. 
  • Public and private groups.
  • Q&A. 
  • Resources. 
  • Private instant messaging. 
  • Online merchandising store. 

In short, we wanted to open a wide range of information, concentrated into a single place, to make it easier for all of our users to understand so much information, instead of just using it to their advantage.


The new Pandora FMS Community brings together in one place everything you may need to share, expand and improve knowledge about monitoring with Pandora FMS, both for Enterprise users and those from the OpenSource version. 

It is not just about bringing together people with the same interest, but about taking advantage of the knowledge of the team and the community so that members can achieve their goals in an integrated way in the same place.

Would you like to find out more about the new Pandora FMS Community?