Computer peripherals for a company; Let’s find out more

Hello again, dear friend. It’s possible that, a few days ago, you read our fantastic article in which we offered some ideas to choose computers for your company. Did you think you had it all figured out? Ha, ha, ha! Your problems have only just begun! Haven’t you thought about the peripherals? You don’t know what’s waiting for you!

Although sometimes the purchase of computers is done in pack (some peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard or screen are “attached” to the computer), in many cases the purchase is done separately, so you should take into account some important factors, and even more if you are going to purchase large quantities of computer peripherals, for example for your business.

In this article we are going to remember some aspects that you should take into account before doing so, advancing through the main peripherals that we usually buy for our devices. Let’s go!

Some things to keep in mind before choosing computer peripherals for a company

– Monitor

The King of computer peripherals claims our attention. When it comes to choosing screens for your company’s computers, remember that cheap is often expensive. The monitor happens to be, probably, the peripheral that we have to take into account when we make this type of purchase. We have to remember that we spend up to 8 hours a day in front of the screen, which entails the duty to take care of its quality and characteristics.

Screens must be large enough to work comfortably, and even more so when it comes to activities such as design that require a high degree of visual detail. In addition to this, you should avoid poor quality, low-definition or flickering screens, which can even end up causing vision problems. Don’t forget: monitors are very important for work comfort and can have an impact on productivity, so if you have to save, you’d better save on other purchases.

– Keyboards

What about keyboards? Our battered colleagues are often the great forgotten in this of the computer periphery, even though we do not stop using them. And it’s true that a keyboard may not be the sexiest thing in the world, but there they are, fulfilling their function, and you’re going to have to take care of them.

Like any other device, you have trillions of options to choose from. So first, the most important thing is usually its durability, its ergonomics and its price. And on this basis you can opt for some improvements, such as wireless, or maybe with special keys for the Internet or colours to make your life more enjoyable. Do not forget to acquire them or otherwise you will have enough problems to use your computers…

– Mouse

In particular, I must say that I have a real open battlefield with this mouse business. I have the habit of breaking these frequently, which means paying special attention to their durability.

In addition to this, again the dilemma arises of choosing between wireless and wired, modalities both of which accumulate crowds of fans. And don’t forget other factors, such as ergonomics or size, which can be quite variable and make it more or less comfortable to use. And you can even opt for special mice, such as those designed for presentations or use in confined spaces. As you can see, you have a lot of options to choose from!

– Printers

Indeed, paper still exists and there are many companies where printers are still used.

Although we increasingly tend to digitize everything, printers are a common peripheral in most companies. When buying them, you must take into account what will be its use because, unlike other computer peripherals, this is usually more occasional and used to work shared by several computers. Therefore, a forecast of the number of printers you need will be one of the fundamental tasks you must do.

Once you have this clear, you will have to decide the model and its characteristics. Don’t forget that, in the field of printers, there is also a lot to choose from. Many of them include scanners and their qualities vary a lot, from basic equipment to make few prints to industrial printers.

– Other peripherals

Today there are many more peripherals, such as speakers, headphones, touch panels, digital cameras, external hard drives, switches, routers or even virtual reality glasses, among others, but talking about all of them in detail would make this article endless, so we limit ourselves to mentioning them, because now we must deal with a very important thing, called Pandora FMS.

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