Why you need a monitoring system. Provide the best service for your clients.

Nowadays, It is very common for the companies to use technology to a greater or lesser degree. In many cases, the good functioning of the equipment, networks and systems will be the key for the business to continue operating. In other words, the customer will be offered directly a technological service.

But, even if technology is something essential for a company’s work, that does not mean it’s infallible. Faults that give rise to sometimes critical situations may appear at any time. Therefore, in any company, in which a computer infrastructure is important, it will be necessary to control the correct operation of it so that a possible error does not end up affecting the service given to users.

To detect and prevent failures, it is very convenient to have a good monitoring tool, that is why you need a monitoring system. Monitoring systems are responsible for controlling the technology used by a company (hardware, networks and communications, operating systems or applications, among others) in order to analyse their operation and performance, and to detect and alert about possible errors. A good monitoring system is able to monitor devices, infrastructures, applications, services, and even business processes.

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What does this mean for the company? A good monitoring system helps to increase productivity. This is shown through several aspects, here’s why you need a monitoring system:

  • It improves the use of the hardware of the company, through the control of its good operation.
    If, for example, a computer is not working properly, the monitoring system will detect it, give notice of it and the decision, to repair or replace it, may be made.
  • It prevents incidents and when these incidents happen, they are detected faster, which saves time and money.

    Imagine that your business is an electronic store and the website is not working well or it does so very slowly. If you do not have a monitoring system, it will probably take hours before you realize the problem (probably due to a user’s complaint), which could cause significant loss of money. A good monitoring system can warn you of problems as they arise, allowing you to resolve the issue immediately and minimize the time your page is down or running slowly.

  • By avoiding falls in the service or minimizing the time of resolution of it, the image of the company will improve as well as the customer service.

    Let’s go back to the previous example. If your online store is inoperative, not only will you lose the sales that you would make on that day, but also the user will probably think that your business is not going well. So your customer will forget that you were a serious and reliable option to make his purchases online. In addition, you could pass on the experience of that malfunction to friends, acquaintances, family, or even social networks, which would be bad publicity that can further damage your business.

  • Less time is spent on controlling the proper functioning of the systems, mainly because the monitoring system takes care of it.

    This way, your qualified staff will be able to devote more time to other tasks, knowing that, if a problem arises, you will receive the corresponding alerts. This will also cause an increase in your productivity, which is probably a very important reason why you need a monitoring system.

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But it is not only these advantages that a good monitoring system can offer a company. There are as many types of monitoring systems, as there are needs for every business. Therefore, the flexibility of the system and its adaptability will be a value to be taken into account. Monitoring information can come from a variety of sources and provide a multitude of valuable business data. (If you want to know more about Pandora FMS business process monitoring, you can go to our website.)

Monitoring is a tremendously broad and complex activity; it is not a closed concept, but depends, as we warned, on the needs of each company. However, monitoring systems often have a number of common features, including the following:

  • Analysis in real time. A good system will offer a continuous monitoring, which has no delays, or at least those delays are minimum.
  • System alerts. Once a particular event happens, a notice, which will reach the right people, will be generated. Alerts can normally be configured so that the event that triggers them can be selected (for example, a hard disk reaching its maximum capacity).
  • Notifications by various means (email, SMS, etc.) in order for the message to reach the right people. There you go, another reason why you need a monitoring system
  • Graphic visualization. In order to facilitate the analysis of the data provided, the monitoring tool will create graphs with the data provided; these graphs will be preferably friendly and easy to understand.
  • Production of reports. In order to present the data to clients or different departments of the company, the monitoring system should allow reporting.
  • Record Available. When generating a record with previous monitoring, it will be easier to evaluate the evolution of the operation of the monitored systems. In addition, and based on this, it will also be easier to prevent and decide some measures that we must take in the future, such as the acquisition of new hardware.
  • Possibility of installing plug-ins, which may exist in a generic way or may even be created ad hoc to meet the particular needs of a client.
  • Distinction by type of user. The data accessed by each user will be different depending on the permissions available.

In this article, we have seen some of the reasons why you need a monitoring system and why it may be important to a business, but as we warned before, there are many types of monitoring depending on the needs of the company. Therefore, when choosing monitoring software, a very important value to consider is the flexibility of it. Do you still not know about Pandora FMS? Pandora FMS is a monitoring system that meets the needs of your business.

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Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring system, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.

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