For those who don’t know, Pandora FMS has been named product of the month for June on SourceFroge. Now, this may seem relevant because of the heavyweight that SourceForge is in itself for the Open Source community online, but this really goes a lot further than this; for us it’s a positive reminder that we’re still linked to the Open Source world. 

Yes, we also have an Enterprise edition for Pandora FMS, but the relevance of keeping a close relation with the Open Source community is now more important than some years back, when the stigma surrounding this types of products was a lot greater. Today it represents the act of keeping a global perspective, an act of “economic justice”, where the service is still offered, whether you have the economic means or not to comply; it means that you give the community your product can build the importance it deserves, and retroactively receive support.

 At Pandora, this still has a very large relevance. We sell because it’s necessary, but we won’t ever be able to forget about the entire community that, even though it doesn’t provide economic retribution, gives us all its unconditional support in other aspects that are, maybe, just as important as the economic aspect. This is reflected in results like the one we’re here to mention: Pandora FMS has been named project of the month in one of the largest pages for Open Source product distribution. It’s not precisely a small recognition, actually it’s the exact opposite.

 That’s why for us the community is really important, it’s not about the money, it’s something more. What has made us product of the month is the great acceptance that our product has on SourceForge. The spirit of that community that, more or less directly, gives us its support to achieve things like these. Because of this we’ll never make Pandora a product that is exclusively under a paid license, it’s our small pledge to you, the users; our small unwritten mutual compromise.

The importance of Open Source is way more than just not wanting to pay, it’s a declaration of principles which is both solid and hard to maintain. Who hasn’t seen companies change their licensing model over time? It’s something a lot more frequent than what we’d like to imagine, and it’s a big mistake because Open Source represents, and has always represented, a final bastion of resistance against the absolute dominance of proprietary software and closed knowledge. The fact that the user can have the chance to choose, is one of the most important things we can offer, at the same time that we are proud to be able to help the Open Source model perdure as it has up until now.

The relevance of the Open Source mindset has to continue to grow, and we believe it will; thanks in part to the efforts coming from webpages like SourceForge, GitHub or other repository systems for Open Source projects which offer such a necessary system. This combined with all the producers of software solutions that decide to stick as open projects, make Open Source a system that doesn’t look like it’s dying out anytime soon. And it looks like thanks to this Chromebook thing, this WILL be the year for desktop Linux 🙂

 For these reasons it’s really an honor that a such a flagship in the Open Source mentality as is SourceForge names us as one of its projects of the month, gives us an interview, and decides in general to collaborate with us so actively. For them we have nothing but gratitude and we wanted to use this space to express it.


We also want to thank all users that have lead SourceForge to look at our product and make it something relevant.

Cheers and keep monitoring!