Working in the field of software monitoring may seem boring or too technical, but let me tell you that there is more fun and excitement than one might imagine at first.

Not that we’re all day doing barbecues and celebrating, but once we almost did our very own Olympics in the office! Kind of like The Office, you know.

*Long live Michael Scott.

Anyway, join me on this journey for a day in the life of a software monitoring expert, where code lines mingle with laughter and soluble coffee.

Our protagonist, whom we will affectionately call “Captain Monitor”, will face in this pseudo-documentary of flora and fauna, a day full of technical challenges and unexpected surprises.

From the moment he opens one of his lazy, rheum-covered eyes to the moment he closes his latest generation laptop, his life is a roller coaster ride of hilarious emotions and situations.

Early morning

Let’s start with the morning rush hour, exactly when Captain Monitor faces the dreaded flood of alerts in his inbox.

While trying to classify and prioritize alerts, he comes across one that says:

“The main server has become an orchestra of mariachis who just got completely wasted, from the Tenampa Hall to Plaza Garibaldi!”

Yes, you read that right:

It turns out that a “fellow” prankster decided to play a little joke on him and change the alert tones to Lucha Reyes rancheras.

But the surprises don’t end there!

Late morning

During a team meeting, Captain Monitor discovers that his charming cubicle companion has turned his desk into a jungle of cables, pins, modems and other electronic devices…

Between the giant monitor and the stacks of hard drives, the Captain seems to be lost in a kind of modern version of Alan Parrish’s Jumanji.

No matter how much he insists that monitoring modern software doesn’t actually require a work environment of such high technological sophistication, his partner continues and continues to pull plugged-in tinkerers to mock up his particular digital fantasy world.

Early afternoon

In the midst of testing and system tweaks, Captain Monitor also faces the challenges of dealing with “forgetful users.”

Yes, that user who calls all the time with problems that could be solved with a simple reboot.

But our hero doesn’t give up easily and becomes the master of basic reset instructions.

Sometimes he even dreams, as he sleeps in the toilet at nap time, of a life where he doesn’t have to say:

“Have you tried to reboot your device yet?”

Deep Afternoon

But it’s not all chaos and micro-ulcers in the world of software monitoring. Captain Monitor, who as you guessed works in the Support Department, also has his moment of glory when he manages to detect and solve a critical problem of global scale before it causes a collapse in the system of the floral commissioning company he monitors.

In that moment of triumph he feels like he’s on the main stage of a rock concert, with the crowd cheering and the fireworks bursting on top.

“Yes, this is the life I have chosen and I like it!,” exclaims to himself.

Just before the end of the day

At the end of the day, when not all danger is over, but he starts just ignoring it anyway out of pure exhaustion, Captain Monitor relaxes and shares some funny anecdotes with his colleagues in the break room.

They all laugh their asses off and share similar stories of technical madness and tense situations with customers.

It is, more than ever, in those shared moments when Captain Monitor realizes that, despite the challenges and the three thousand crises he suffers daily, there is a special camaraderie among the experts in software monitoring.

They are a close-knit, adventurous, cool community!

Here we go again

And so, the next morning, we are confident that Captain Monitor will rise and shine with renewed energy, ready once again to face another challenging day in the exciting world of software monitoring.

Because while there may be times of frustration and stress… There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of discovering and solving problems to look good with the boss!