Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages of 2018

What is the world’s most popular language? Most of us would probably say English or Chinese.

These are easy answers. However, if we were to ask ourselves about the most popular programming languages, many people probably would have no idea about this, and even some experts could have doubts about such a changing matter.

Since the classification of programming languages is much more dynamic than that of languages. IT is constantly changing and this means that the languages in which they communicate are also much faster than the common languages.

However, in spite of everything, there are those who make an effort to determine which are the ones who dominate at each moment. In this post we will get to know which are the most popular programming languages today, according to “Tiobe Index”, created by the Dutch software company of the same name. We have to clarify that this does not mean that they are the best or the most used, this is just a popularity ranking.

If you’re in computer science, you might know them all, and you may even master a few of them. And if you dedicate yourself to other things you may find it interesting to learn about the changes that are taking place in this world which might influence our lives. Shall we begin?

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages of 2018

– Java

Fast, reliable, multi-platform, open source and demanded in thousands of job offers worldwide.

The “King” (at least in terms of popularity) of programming languages has been on the throne for some years now. It is, without a doubt, one of the most widely used languages, especially in the web environment. It is used, among many other things, as the basis of the Android operating system, which rules a large part of our mobile phones. It is estimated that there are almost 9 million programmers using it for their developments. Wow!

– C

Created in the late 1960s, this is one of the old ones among programming languages.

Very popular, very flexible and relatively “easy” to learn, it is used in most operating systems, which in a way explains its success and longevity.

– C++

This is an extension of C, mainly oriented to objects. Flexible, multiparadigmatic, and complex, we can find it in a large number and variety of programs, among which are client-server applications, firmware, or some as popular as video games.

– Python

This is one of the languages that has experienced a huge growth in recent years. It is a multiplatform and multiparadigm language, and therefore also very flexible. It uses the many fields ranging from web development to scientific computing, and is gaining fans amongst technologies as trendy as machine learning.

– Visual Basic.NET

Another language that is on the rise. “Simple” and with strong points, such as process automation, is quite popular with people who don’t have very advanced knowledge. It is addressed to the .NET framework (Microsoft)

– C#

Considered as an evolution of C and C++, it is an object-oriented language created, like Visual Basic.NET, to be used in the .NET framework.


This is a language widely used in the web, and one of the “veterans” of the list, which still works after many years due to its simplicity for both veterans and people starting in the world of programming.

– Javascript

Multiplatform and very flexible, this is one of the kings of the Internet. In fact, it is the language in which many web pages are written. It is estimated that it is present in around 95% of web pages, there you go.


It is a language of access to relational databases (quite important today in many fields). SQL databases are very popular.

– Swift

This is one of the most recently created programming languages, and one that has grown most rapidly in popularity. Launched in 2014 for Apple by the apple company, it is considered an “easy” language to learn and use.

This list is based on Tiobe Index, but there are also other lists that include programming languages also highly valued, such as PERL, MATLAB, R, Ruby or Visual Basic, among others.

And there are many useful programming languages that can help you if you devote yourself to development, although, as you can imagine, no one can master them all (there are more than 600)!

And now that you know the top 10 most popular programming languages of 2018, how about giving us your opinion? What do you think? We’d love to hear your opinions. And you can do it in a very simple way, leaving a message in the comment box that is right at the end of this article.

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