Toshiba’s success story thanks to Pandora FMS software

Pandora FMS and Toshiba met each other on a cold winter morning, they exchanged looks and… This would be a great start to a love story, wouldn’t it? However, the relationship between Pandora FMS and Toshiba has a different nature: teamwork.

By now you know Pandora FMS, don’t you? That flexible and complete monitoring software, with which you can monitor all your devices, from networks, servers, UX, IoT, applications or business processes, to virtual environments, etc. In addition, it has a lime green/hope-green color that makes it as successful as its more than 300 available plugins.

Do you know Toshiba?

Toshiba is a Japanese company engaged in manufacturing electronics. They offer complete hardware and software solutions to both retail and hospitality customers. They also operate in Spain.

Then how was the relationship between these two companies, Pandora FMS and Toshiba formed? It all comes from the idea of meeting a need that arose to one of the companies that Toshiba runs: monitoring some hospitality facilities.

Toshiba needed to have the sales kiosks of the catering facilities of one of its main customers controlled, since they’re remote machines and thereby are not in continuous contact with their staff. So they needed a flexible tool that would allow them to significantly increase the SLA. And then there was Pandora FMS.

With Pandora FMS, we have managed to reach 99.5% of the SLA thanks to its early warnings. In addition, with its after-sales service we have developed the tool to a degree that we didn’t believe to be possible” confirms Antonio Flores, Toshiba’s Retail Support Manager.

Some stats

It seems easy, but here we are dealing with 270 restaurants, more than 750 elements monitored by Pandora FMS with over 16,800 modules and 10 custom-made plugins. A Promethean task.

Toshiba provides a complete IT solution to our main customers in the hospitality sector in their restaurants: boxes, points of sale, content screens and self-service screens -kiosks. And not only that, they offer them a solution that goes beyond hardware, with associated maintenance and support services. Therefore, a monitoring tool is essential to know the status of all restaurants at all times.

Their main need was to have the kiosks controlled, since the remote machines are not in continuous contact with the staff of the facilities, which means that, if a machine crashes, booom!, it cannot be fixed immediately.

We previously tested and discarded other monitoring tools, such as the ones from IBM, Spiceworks, or Zabbix for being difficult to set up and without features to trace processes or collect logs. We finally chose Pandora FMS, a solution with which we have certainly succeeded“, says Antonio Flores.

Evolving together

To this day, the Pandora FMS software used by Toshiba has nothing to do with the implementation they used in early 2017. Thanks to the flexibility and great scalability this solution offers, they have managed to develop the same software based on their needs that, as in most technology companies, are constantly changing.

This is partly thanks to the after-sales service offered by Pandora FMS, a vital support when it comes to continue to evolve day by day in the desired monitoring style. Pandora FMS doesn’t support the idea of “buy a license and figure it all out,” we are involved and engaged until the end.

As far as we know, the initial software deployment and coupling was quite simple and fast. The only difficulty laid in getting to monitor the checkups of kiosk updates, since we had to take into account databases, logs and a large number of associated monitors. But it was finally possible to carry it out with the joint work between the two teams.

Let’s get to the results!

Apart from greater resource efficiency, Toshiba has managed to improve the relationship with its main customer in the hospitality sector. Especially thanks to the improvement in the quality of its services, a direct consequence of an early incidence detection that Pandora FMS software immediately reports.

In fact, all the departments of their client agree that the availability and quality of services in the restaurants has improved thanks to the tool.

Currently, and given the success of the tool, we are looking to introduce Pandora FMS in more premises and aim to take a leap outside of Spain so that Toshiba globally provides the best possible service“, concludes Antonio Flores.

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