Christmas! That endearing time in which the streets are covered in lights, fallen leaves and warm couples holding hands. 

Children smile and the chimneys smoke. Gingerbread, nougat and homemade almond cake become our sweet treats and, if we are lucky, a friendly family member offers to give us the Christmas bonus. 

Yes! At Pandora FMS we love this time of year and we could not miss, for nothing in the world, to wish you a Merry Christmas 2022!

Merry Christmas 2022 from the whole Pandora FMS team

On these days we like to have sweets and for us there is nothing sweeter than each of the small and great achievements that we managed to unlock this year. 

A sometimes difficult year, but thanks to our team, our customers and users we managed to successfully get by. 

Pure product

Throughout the year, Pandora FMS has released a series of releases on a monthly and steady basis. 

They have included all the evolution, innovation and fixes that Pandora FMS workers have added to our tool. 

There have been so many improvements that it would be impossible to discuss them all in a single article, but we’ll leave here just a few:

Alert templates with multiple schedules

The possibility of including several schedules for both module and event alerts has been incorporated. With this new feature, different time slots can be generated within the same day or week, where alerts can be generated.

Support for MySQL8 and PHP8

We included support to be able to use MySQL8 without any type of modification or previous adjustment. We also prepared the console to work on PHP8 since the PHP7.4 support ended on 28 Nov 2022.

New report types

  • Custom Render
  • TOP-N connections
  • Agent/module
  • Agent/module status
  • SLA services…

LTS started being implemented  

LTS versions are aimed at consolidating all changes of the RRR versions and offering maximum stability. Only two a year:

Sunburst, new service representation

The possibility of a new service representation has been added. 

This will be a centralized view where you may see the details of the tree node through a tooltip when hovering with the cursor.

Scheduled agent autoconfiguration application

Added the ability to schedule the appliance of Command Center agent auto-configuration rules automatically.

IPAM from Satellite

From Pandora FMS 764 RRR version it is possible to define IPAM network scanning from the Satellite server, indicating it in the Satellite server configuration file.

Improved network maps

Multiple changes have been made to network maps to improve the usability, performance and network map setup. 

  • Map drawing and refreshing is automatic and dynamically reflects the changes in the network, highly improving the existing display in previous versions.
  • The possibility of deleting “Pandora FMS” node as well as all its relationships has been added. Usability has also been improved in manual relationship management between nodes.
  • Added linking between network maps. When there is a dummy node pointing to another network map, it will be possible to access that map from the dummy node options. 

Report sending by mail as an alert action

A new feature has been added to Pandora FMS alert system whereby it is possible to send reports by email in PDF thanks to its incorporation as new actions/commands within Pandora FMS.

Trap history

The possibility to generate a trap history in the history database has been added to improve this feature’s performance in the console and improve the main database’s performance.

Credential store: WMI and SNMP

Although the credential store already existed in Pandora FMS, the possibility of saving them to be used in WMI and SNMP modules has been incorporated.

Forbidden password list

Added a password exclusion list so that the system does not let users enter certain weak passwords, thus strengthening the system’s security.

Pandora FMS Roadmap 2023

We want to take a qualitative leap to make Pandora FMS not only the most flexible tool on the market, but an essential part for IT management and daily operation.

That’s why we’re working on process automation thanks to powerful Artificial Intelligence, the creation of a CMDB, security monitoring and automated deployment.

For more news

But, as you know, it doesn’t end here.

Pandora FMS does not take a rest on its evolution and development and so that you do not miss any news, we leave you this link here.

Follow our change log and you’ll always be up to date!

Our headlines

Pandora FMS and drought monitoring

As you know, this summer half of Spain was on drought alert. A consequence, without a doubt, of the extreme summer heat and the scarcity of rains. 

Thank heaven and science, technology experts already point out some solutions to reduce the impact of this type of phenomenon.

And we are very proud to say that among those solutions there is Pandora FMS.

Pandora FMS gets Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Thank you all! 

At Pandora FMS we are in luck, we now have Pandora FMS RHEL8 software certificate.

Some called it impossible, others the next step to take, however, we all received it with a round of applause.

Pandora FMS brings the Internet to 500,000 people in Brazil

We said it just like that but… 

More than 500.000 inhabitants of the working-class district of Povo do Acre, located in the northwest of Brazil, have Internet connection thanks to the collaboration of our company.

What a great work!

Pandora FMS becomes an M81 partner to make IBM i system monitoring easier

Well, well, look at that! This year we became an international benchmark in system monitoring by becoming a technology partner of the French company M81

As many of you may know, the French platform has extensive experience in the sector since its foundation in 1988 and is currently considered one of the great experts when it comes to monitoring IBM i systems

As a brand, we will now have the opportunity to transfer these types of solutions to Spanish companies to improve IT management and the efficiency of the different work areas.

Pandora FMS receives the Emerging Favorite mention in Capterra’s Shortlist of server monitoring software and APM

Prizes! Awards!  Medals! Honorary pins! 


We are proud to announce Pandora FMS as the winner of the Best Usability 2022 badge in the Network Monitoring category. 

Apart from its mention as an Emerging Favorite in the 2022 Shortlist of Server Monitoring and APM Software from Capterra, the world’s leading software review platform.

Coastal municipalities monitor their beaches to measure the environmental impact of tourism 

This year the Spanish tourism sector has had a record summer. 

90% of foreign tourism that visited the country in 2019 was recovered this summer. 

Therefore, the administrations of the main tourist centers were reinforced with the technology necessary to control capacities. 

Yes, by “the technology necessary” we mean us. 

We loved helping to improve the performance of public services and minimize the environmental impact this summer.

The arrival of Pandora FMS in the United States thanks to the master’s degree of Rice University

Pandora FMS is an international entity and needs activity. 

And in search of that activity we set our eye on that great technological power, the United States.

In the end we managed to count on a native and capital team, with five senior professionals who helped us with their proposals and whom, in turn, we helped with their project.

Madrid improves EMT services by monitoring its bus data

The public service of buses of Madrid, the EMT, was one of the protagonists of Global Mobility Call developed between 14 and 16 June at the IFEMA. 

The company from Madrid exposed its future plans tracing the route to continue transforming the capital into a smart City where sustainable mobility and independent vehicles acquire great relevance. 

Nevertheless, executing this plan would be impossible without technology characterized by generating data on a steady basis. 

Therefore, the city went for data control through monitoring. (That is us!)

This is the secret of the success of the EMT, who has already established a monitoring system thanks to Pandora FMS.

Pandora FMS at the top of G2

G2, a platform that currently has more than 60 million visits a year, and in which users can read and write quality reviews on 100,000 software products and other professional services. 

That is why it is so important and honorable that Pandora FMS has become part of its Top 10 of the best Network Monitoring software.


And these are just a few small strokes of all the success we achieved throughout this 2022 thanks, we repeat, to all of our colleagues and to all our clients and followers. 

That is why we will not stop repeating it over and over again: 

Merry Christmas 2022!

May you have all your loved ones as close as the frozen bottle of champagne and the mix of chocolates, sweets and nougat! 

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