On this exciting journey, we celebrate the successes of our team over the course of an incredibly productive year. From solving 2677 development tickets and 2011 support tickets to spending 5680 hours on projects and operations, each metric represents our shared dedication and success with our valued customers, which are the engine of our growth.

We reinforced our commitment to security by becoming an official CNA in collaboration with INCIBE (National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain). This prestigious achievement placed Pandora FMS, Pandora ITSM and Pandora RC as the 200th CNA worldwide and the third CNA in Spain. Our recognition as CNA (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Numbering Authority) means that Pandora FMS is now part of a select group of organizations that coordinate and manage the assignment of CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), uniquely identifying security issues and collaborating on their resolution.

During this year, we experienced an exciting brand unification. What started as Artica at Pandora FMS has evolved into a single name: Pandora FMS. This transition reflects our consolidation as a single entity, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and simplifying our identity.

Globally, we excelled at key events, from Riyadh’s Blackhat to Madrid Tech Show. In addition, we expanded into new markets, conquering China, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nicaragua and Saudi Arabia.

We evolved eHorus into Pandora RC and transformed Integria into Pandora ITSM, strengthening our presence in the market. We launched a new online course platform and developed a multi-version documentation system in four languages.

We proudly highlighted the technological milestone of the year: the creation of the MADE system (Monitoring Anomaly Detection Engine), the result of our collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid. Presented at the ASLAN 2023 Congress & Expo in Madrid, MADE uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor extensive amounts of data, automatically adapting to each management environment. This innovation sets a radical change in monitoring by getting rid of the need for manual rule configuration, allowing the adaptation to data dynamics to be fully autonomous.

This year was not only technical, but also personal. From the fewest face-to-face office hours in 17 years to small personal anecdotes, every detail counts.

Let’s celebrate together the extraordinary effort and dedication of the whole team in this new stage as Pandora FMS! Congratulations on an exceptional year, full of success in every step we took!