eHorus and Integria IMS are now Pandora RC and Pandora ITSM

Press releases 2023


Pandora FMS announces brand unification with Pandora ITSM and Pandora RC


Pandora FMS, a leader in the Information Technology and Monitoring solutions market, is glad to announce that the unification of its brands, Integria IMS and eHorus, under the new names Pandora ITSM and Pandora RC, respectively, has been successfully implemented.


Pandora ITSM, formerly known as Integria IMS, represents Pandora FMS IT Service Desk and Service Management solution. It provides a comprehensive platform for managing IT incidents, issues, changes and assets, enabling organizations to improve the efficiency of their IT departments and deliver a superior service to end users.


Pandora RC, formerly known as eHorus, is the Remote Control solution from Pandora FMS. It offers a safe and effective platform to access and manage servers and devices remotely from any location in the world. Pandora RC becomes an essential tool for system administrators and support technicians looking to maintain the effective operation of their systems.


This significant advance reflects Pandora FMS’ commitment to further strengthen and consolidate its position in the technology solutions market, providing a more comprehensive and cohesive service and strategy for both its customers and partners.


Such brand unification will be completed across all Pandora FMS platforms, website and social media.


We would also like to underline that eHorus and Integria have always been part of Pandora FMS family, and this change does not alter our dedication to providing exceptional IT monitoring and management solutions.


We are excited to see how Pandora ITSM and Pandora RC brand and products are further integrated into Pandora FMS. Pandora ITSM has always represented a compelling mission and value proposition in the field of IT service management“, – Sancho Lerena CEO of Pandora FMS. 


“For a long time, IT service monitoring, IT service management (ITSM), and remote control solutions have evolved independently, but now, under the Pandora FMS umbrella, we are exceptionally unifying these three areas.”


This brand unification reflects the trend in the technology industry towards the consolidation and simplification of product and service offerings, with the aim of improving the customer experience. Pandora ITSM and Pandora RC celebrate this achievement and are committed to continuing to excel in their respective fields.


We are committed to your satisfaction and look forward to exceeding your expectations in the future.


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