Pandora FMS creates the MADE system thanks to AI and in collaboration with University Carlos III

Press releases 2023

• Technology company Pandora FMS has developed this system with the advice of researchers from University Carlos III of Madrid.

• The aim of the research was to develop a tool capable of monitoring large amounts of data and automatically adapting to each management environment.

• This new technology will be unveiled at the ASLAN 2023 Congress & Expo in Madrid that will bring together the whole IT sector.

Madrid, March 20, 2023.- A group of Spanish researchers have developed the new technology MADE, known as Monitoring Anomaly Detection Engine. The tool, powered by the technology company Pandora FMS with the advice of specialists in Artificial Intelligence of University Carlos III of Madrid, uses this cutting-edge technology to improve the data management of large companies and be able to alert in case of any unusual behavior. 

AI also allows the system itself to adapt to scenarios based on the data history. That way, the monitoring technology goes a step further by giving enough capacity to Pandora FMS to automatically improve issue detection. The announcement comes ahead of the 30th edition of the ASLAN 2023 Congress & Expo held in the capital that will bring together the biggest brands in the tech sector, as well as authorities and technology investors.

Monitoring systems are very common in different companies and public administrations. Its function is none other than to collect data in real time and allow more efficient management by sorting and processing it. The key with the use of Artificial Intelligence is that, despite the constant data collection, it is no longer a problem to adapt the rules of the system since it is done autonomously.

“Before, monitoring had manual rule configuration so that the system understood what was right and what was wrong with great precision. But by increasing the size of the data, the scenario becomes more complex”, explains Sancho Lerena, CEO of Pandora FMS. “What AI does is provide sufficient capacity for the system to readjust to the dynamics of the data. That is, over time adapt its definition of anomaly to be able to detect them”, highlights the expert.

MADE’s innovative technology is simple in its application, according to its developers. Thanks to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, the system takes into account variations related to the seasonality of the data, thus allowing predictions to be made that make decision-making easier. In addition, this model combines both the precision of manual configuration and the potential of automatic detection by algorithms.

The ASLAN 2023 Congress & Expo that will be held in Madrid on March 22 and 23 will take into account this new tool developed by Spanish technological experts. MADE, as they indicate from Pandora FMS, is viable and reliable for companies from different economic sectors and is expected to change the dynamics of monitoring systems.

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