What do companies look for in an information systems technician?

Are you looking for a job as an information systems technician? Would you like to change your mind? Or are you just snooping around to see what’s going on in your sector? Ok, we will try to answer your questions…

Among them, it is likely that you will find the profile that companies are demanding when they want to hire an information systems technician.

If we take a look at the job offers that appear in the main search portals we can extract a series of more or less common requirements that can help us build that profile. But before doing so, how about explaining a bit what a systems technician is and what he or she does?

What is an information systems technician?

An information systems technician is the person in charge of the maintenance, supervision, repair, creation of scripts, automation of tasks on servers and their operating systems and applications. This is not something I’m saying, it’s something that the BOE is saying, so we’ll have to pay attention …

In addition to these, the information systems technician will also frequently perform other tasks, such as installing programs, maintenance, taking security measures, etc.

In other words, the information systems technician is a titan who is responsible for making our computer systems work properly. Almost nothing.

What profile do companies look for in an information systems technician?

Luckily, there is a large number of companies looking for systems technicians today, which is great news if you are looking for work in this position.

But, what is exactly what they look for? As you can suppose, each company will have requirements based on the necessities of the position and those “own tastes” of the personality of the companies and the people who are in charge of the Human Resources, but an analysis of the job offers allows us to extract some more or less habitual requirements.

– Technical Knowledge

It’s absolutely obvious, but that doesn’t mean we should forget it. The information systems technician, as its own name indicates, is a technical profile, reason why it will be essential to count on very specific knowledge. Shall we be a little more specific?

Although sometimes this will not be the case, in theory it is a job that does not usually require university training, although it does require an official qualification, such as Professional Training. As you can understand, the type of degree will depend on the country in which you are. In addition, official certifications will often be required to certify the use of certain tools, granted by their manufacturers or by accredited institutions.

It is not so easy to assess which fields of technical knowledge are most in demand, due to the heterogeneous nature of the offers. Only as an example, knowledge in administration of communication systems (Wi-Fi, switches, routers, etc.), management of monitoring tools, knowledge about network environments, Windows environments, knowledge of Linux, databases, etc., are usually well valued. data, virtualization, security administration, administration of cloud architectures …

The certain thing is that the variety of knowledge that is demanded is such that, again it is obvious to say it but, the more you have, the better!

– People skills

It is not that it is a job in which a charisma must be deployed, but the work as an information systems technician usually requires the usual treatment with users of the system that will communicate needs (for example, the resolution of incidents) , so it will be necessary to have the ability to communicate with them effectively and have the dose of kindness and peace of mind necessary to do that. Patience!

– Ability to work in a team

Surely you know it if you have already worked as a systems technician. In addition to the relationship with users, the position will require teamwork with other colleagues or managers, or even lead small teams at times, which will demand the ability to know how to work in a team and interact with the other team members in an effective way .

– Methodical character

Both at the time of solving incidents and at the time of developing or participating in projects, being a methodical person, and working meticulously will be of great help to the systems technician, and something highly valued by companies .

– Driver’s License

Although sometimes the place of work of the information systems technician will be more or less fixed, this person will have to move to diverse places to take care of the necessities of the companies for which services are offered.

Considering that many companies have their workplaces or computer infrastructures located in places poorly communicated by public transport, having a driver’s license will be a prerequisite for many job offers.

And so far we have seen some of the requirements that companies are looking for to fill a position as demanding as that of information systems technician. Do you want to see something else?

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