Dear reader, as you probably know, ugliness or beauty is subjective as it depends on the eyes of the beholder.

The same thing happens when we talk about customer service. The customer’s willingness when dealing with you is an important and variable factor influenced by multiple factors. Improving customer attitudes is the first step for them to see your problems and your business in a friendlier way, which will help you solve problems successfully. Do you want to find out how you can improve customer feedback? Take a look at these tips.

1- Be cheerful.

It is not about solving customer problems while dancing and clapping, you just need to talk optimistically. Remember that emotions are contagious, and it is better to convey joy than sadness or anger. This is very important when improving customer attitudes.

2- Be sensitive and kind.

It is very easy to connect with a friendly person, but when customers are having a bad day, it might not be that easy to deal with them. Empathy is a wonderful quality; so do not forget to have empathy. Your clients may have a major problem or they might be going through a difficult time, so try to understand. If you are kind and sensitive, they will notice that you are someone who cares about their problems and their customer attitudes will improve quickly.

3- Be honest with them.

Honesty should be the only thing that matters when dealing with customers. Do not promise what you cannot fulfil, or else you will get into trouble and you will lose customers. Remember that ‘’Truth will out’’. If your clients find out that you’ve lied to them then you better prepare yourself…

4- Be optimistic.

In addition to being cheerful, you must be optimistic. By being optimistic, we are talking about that attitude that you must have in order to solve customer problems. All problems have a solution, or at least most of them, and you should pass this on to your customers so that they are less concerned. Of course, remember to be honest, optimism is a great tool but please do not forget honesty.

5- Listen to your clients.

If you are going to solve customer problems, then you better listen to them. Listening to them is the first step when solving your clients’ concerns so make them feel that you really want to help them. Also, keep in mind that any problems that arise, as well as their comments, or even their complaints should be very valuable information for you to improve your business. This will improve customer attitudes.

6- Keep good posture.

If you provide face-to-face customer service, the, everything you do, will leave a positive or negative impression on your customers so maintain a correct posture; your customers and your back will appreciate it. But, also remember that the right furniture, and comfortable chairs are essential to work in good conditions.

7- Dress properly

Please, do not wear that Christmas jumper that your mother gave you as a Christmas present last Christmas. It’s not about wearing Armani suits – I mean if you can afford them, then please wear them – but your ‘’look’’ is the first thing that people see in face-to-face customer service so dressing properly is mandatory if you do not want them to run away from you.

8- Be flexible, look for solutions.

To find solutions, you often need to know how to adapt to different situations. If you want to keep the customer happy, first you must show that you are a flexible person; this will show them that they have someone to talk to and that someone will also listen to them.

9- Be expressive with your face.

They say that the face is the mirror of the soul. You know this, right? Well, actually the saying goes the eyes are the mirror of the soul so if you use nice and optimistic words but then you keep looking down with a serious look, you will give the impression of a pre-programmed answer. In addition, the way you carry yourself and also your gestures influences your mood. If you get used to having a cheerful and friendly gesture, then you will create positive emotions for yourself. This is a good reason so it should be worth a try …

10- Use a language that they understand.

If you are talking to an old lady who wants to buy a computer and then you start speaking about gigabytes and RAM, she will probably look for someone else to help her. Not all customers are experts. You must be able to distinguish between those who are experts and those who are not, and use a language that everyone can understand. In order to do this, talk to them and get to know them. If you do, then you will be able to adapt your language in a way that they can understand you.

11- Control the tone of your voice.

The tone of your voice is very important and also influences emotions. The same words can completely change their meaning depending on the emphasis that you use. If we talk about customer service through a telephone then, the tone of your voice is even more important. Do you want to sound like an answering machine? Do not forget that it’s not only about what you say, but how you say it…

12- Be aware of how important your job is.

Bear in mind that customer service is very important; you need to know this so that you can take it seriously and you can create a good environment with the customer. As you probably know – or you should know – customer service is one of the most important factors in companies. So, if you are still reading this article it means that you value customer service and that you are interested in offering customer service for your customers. Keep it up!

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