Colocation hosting; what it is and some aspects to take into account

Does your company use servers? That wouldn’t be weird!

However, there are different ways to have servers, depending on the needs and possibilities of each company. Own servers, dedicated servers, cloud … the size of companies, among other issues, determines how to have servers to perform multiple tasks. And one of those ways of using servers is through what is known as colocation hosting.

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting (also called “housing”) is a modality by which companies or entities that need it rent a physical space in the facilities of a third party (usually Data Centres) where they locate their own servers.

What are the advantages of colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting is a kind of “intermediate point” between own servers located in the company and the use of third party servers, so we try to take advantage of both modalities.

  • On the one hand, ownership of the servers is maintained, which implies greater control over them and, if desired, the possibility of configuring them at will.
  • On the other hand, certain advantages are obtained associated with the fact of locating the servers in spaces specially designed for it.

Servers can be especially delicate devices because of their criticality and it can be very expensive or cumbersome for a company to keep them in a place that meets the appropriate conditions of security, refrigeration, etc…
In these cases, locating servers in third party facilities that have the necessary security and infrastructure maintenance can be a big advantage. For example, data centres offering colocation hosting solutions often have elements (generators, backup batteries, etc.) that ensure a constant power supply, which is often more difficult for a company to maintain. At the same time, they usually have systems that control aspects such as temperature or humidity.

In addition, colocation hosting usually has other added advantages. For example, bandwidth is usually higher and the system is more stable.

What are the differences between colocation hosting and the dedicated server hosting?

The main difference lies in the ownership of the servers and what it entails. In the case of dedicated servers, this corresponds to the company offering the service, which means that usually will be responsible for breakdowns. On the other hand, in the case of colocation hosting, the customer retains ownership and must assume the repairs.

Some things to keep in mind before hiring a colocation hosting

Although in each case it will be necessary to pay attention to the specific conditions offered by the companies with which you want to contract a colocation hosting, there are some common lines to take into consideration.

  • An important question will be to know which are the certifications that the colocation hosting provider has. At the same time, it would be highly recommended to investigate what is the reputation it enjoys, as well as to have clear guarantees offered at all levels (technical, legal, economic, etc.).
  • You must bear in mind that what you are renting is not just a physical space, but also the use of an infrastructure. This usually includes the maintenance of a network or the supply of energy, among other aspects that involve costs that will be included in the final bill. Don’t forget to inform yourself clearly about the price of each and every one of the services that are included.
  • Also important, of course, will be aspects such as security or the guarantee offered about the continuity of service, which will be key if they are servers that support critical services. In this sense, it may be advisable to make a visit “in situ” to know the physical place where the servers will be housed and the security measures available to them.
  • Don’t forget to also make sure you know other key aspects, such as data access security policies or scalability possibilities, in case you need additional space.
  • Also, don’t forget to pay attention to other factors. For example, you will need to know the bandwidth offered for your servers and what the IPs will be.

In short, before hiring a colocation hosting service do not forget to inform yourself thoroughly about all aspects necessary to ensure the survival and smooth functioning of your servers. Remember how important they can be for your business!

And so far we have known some aspects about colocation hosting that you might be interested in knowing. Do you want to know more?

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