How to update your PC BIOS

Content: Introduction Accessing the BIOS from Windows Alternatives to using the Windows 10 and 11 method What does UEFI stand for? When should you update your BIOS? How to update your BIOS BIOS Update Considerations Every computer has its BIOS, short for Basic...


Find out for yourself what telemetry is

Here at Pandora FMS blog we like to get up early, prepare a cup of pennyroyal mint and while it settles, do a couple of stretches, wash our face and start the day defining strange words worth something for our readers. Today it's time for:...

Pandora FMS tiene la ISO/IEC-27001
Pandora FMS

We received ISO/IEC 27001!

We live in an uncertain world and monitoring should try to ensure that whatever happens we will always stay informed. Therefore, security is the basis of everything in monitoring and for us it has always been one of the pillars of our strategy...

¿Conoces las tareas de Oracle configuradas en Discovery?

The most accurate oracle: Discovery Oracle

Finally D-Day! Today we will explain, in a simple video, how you can monitor Oracle instances.  For that we are going to use our Discovery feature, which allows you to connect remotely to applications to bring information and to add it to your...

No todas las métricas son métricas útiles

To infinity and beyond… of metrics!

Right, we start from the idea that measuring is a form of dominance over things. In fact, we could say that you can't measure what you don't control.  That is why it is essential to deliberately choose what is measured (especially with our...