CIO and CTO Challenges; 7 Challenges for the Present and the Future

The IT environment is always changing and some management positions, such as CIOs and CTOs are continually in the eye of the hurricane.

The complexity of this type of job is no small matter; the sum of profiles that must treasure both technical and business skills is coupled with the need to act at the forefront and not only have updated knowledge, but also the ability to innovate.

Therefore, the assumption of challenges is a constant for CIOs and CTOs. In this article we will learn about some of the challenges you might face today and some others that will be important over the next few years.

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CIO and CTO Challenges: Present and Future Challenges

-Understanding the value of IT

IT has traditionally been seen as an unavoidable cost to business, but that is no longer the case.

The digital transformation has brought many changes. Nowadays, IT is not only capable of offering services to the company, but it can also generate business. Are you CIO or CTO? You should know how to transmit to the rest of the departments of the company the importance that IT has at the level of income generation.

-The IoT is not a slogan

All technologies have a phase of enthusiasm – usually disproportionate – and a phase of consolidation. As the “hype” for IoT falls (and is already doing so), your promises will become reality.

The Internet of Things will influence companies in a very heterogeneous way. For example, it will be able to introduce new products into the market for the end user, but it could also provide multiple tools for companies to be more efficient. Are you ready to take advantage of its impact?

-Data everywhere

This is not new; surely you are already aware of the large amount of data that is generated today, and it is even likely that you have already gone through some crossing through the desert in order to manage them in the proper way.

Big Data generates a variety of challenges; from its correct treatment at the regulatory level to its protection and security, including its use. The data is a double-edged sword to which you must pay great attention. In addition, the IoT will increase both the amount of data and the number of aspects to be monitored. Double challenge.

-Security and privacy matter, and a lot

Connected to data proliferation, security and privacy are key issues.

Increasingly complex and heterogeneous environments, coupled with a large number of computer attacks, make these issues something to be seriously concerned about. Are you able to turn your business into a company protected against attacks or data leaks?

-The age of the cloud

The cloud offers a number of advantages for businesses, but also has some drawbacks.

Private, public, hybrid… there are different modalities of adoption and an innumerable amount of tools that can help your company. Are you taking advantage of them? Are you up to date enough to continue exploiting the new services launched by the market?

-The difficult task of retaining talent

In the IT sector, good workers often have many options to choose from, and retaining the best is not an easy task. In addition, both globalization and new forms of employment, such as remote working, increase employee choice.

So, how do you plan to convince your best workers to stay on your team? Are you able to build attractive career plans? Do you know how to create a good work environment? Do you create real teams? A desirable job is made up of many factors, so don’t forget these.

CIO and CTO challenges: a separate mention for monitoring

These are some of the challenges facing CIOs and CTOs, but we would like to reserve a special section for the one we are most interested in: monitoring.

If you are a CIO or CTO it is not necessary for us to sell you the importance of computer systems monitoring: you know it well.

Although one thing you should keep in mind is that this importance is not diminishing with time, quite the opposite. As the use of technology increases, so does the need to monitor it. And if one thing is clear, it doesn’t look like we’re going to use less technology in the next few years, does it?

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