Are you a call center manager? Or do you work in a call center? Do you like this type of job? Do you have customer service experience? Are you willing to take this path?

A call center manager is a difficult job, which requires a great skill in order to manage teams under pressure. Apart from the usual leadership skills that you must have in order to manage teams, for this type of job, you must also have specific qualities.

In this article we will look at some skills that a call center manager must have in order to carry out his job properly. Shall we start?

1. Leadership

If you are a manager, you must have the qualities to be a good leader. But when it comes to supervising a contact center that leadership is even more important. With a job in customer service, stress and fatigue will be quite common. Therefore, a good call center manager should be an energetic person, someone who is capable of remaining calm.

2. Self-control is quite important

This is one of the qualities of a great leader. In certain call centers, which receive hundreds of calls every day and demand a quick solution to their problems, stress can easily appear. Therefore, the call center manager must be able to control himself, both towards his clients and his team. The call center manager is the captain who runs the ship, and a captain shouldn’t get nervous.

3. Empathy and communication skills

These are personal and professional qualities that a good manager must have. As the leader of a group, your ability to communicate the needs of the service and to put yourself in someone’s shoes will be a very useful tool for the work to go forward effectively and in a pleasant environment. As head of service, and when facing clients, these are very useful skills to be able to communicate with users properly and to be able to understand their needs, and this will be the first step to be able to solve these effectively.

4. Don’t forget to motivate them

A call center manager should know how to use his energy; this means that he should know how to use his energy in order to carry out his job effectively. And also one of the most important things about a great leader is that he/she should know how to motivate his/her team.

Yes, we know that customer service is not easy. Therefore, a good supervisor should know how to motivate his/her team, so this person should also take into account that each person is different. Therefore, the manager must have the necessary sensitivity to treat each of the members of his/her team as they deserve.

5. Experience and knowledge

We already know that being a call center manager is not an easy task. A good manager is that someone with experience in the industry, and might have previously occupied this position before. In addition to this, you must have a broad knowledge of the company and the needs of the service, and should have a continuous contact with all the departments of the company, which will be quite helpful.

6. Versatility

A good call center manager does not sit on a throne. Instead, he/she is an accessible and dynamic person who does whatever necessary in order for the service to work. If you must directly deal with a client, then do it. If you have to perform management tasks, then you execute them. If you have to talk to a member of your team who is going through a bad time, sit down with him, and talk to him. Your versatility is a value which will be very appreciated by the members of your group.

7. Diligence and responsibility

In a call center, the pace can be frenetic; you probably know this if you work in that industry. You must deal with clients quickly and efficiently. Clients not only want their demands to be solved, but they want their problems to be solved as soon as possible. So the call center manager must have the diligence and responsibility that is needed in order to carry out the work effectively and without wasting a lot of time.

8. Management skills

In addition to all the personal qualities that you must have in your everyday life, do not forget that a call center manager is exactly A manager. A good supervisor is aware of the importance of customer service for the company and always looks for ways to improve the service. In order to achieve this, this person uses the methodologies in order to suit the needs of the work and ensures that his/her team can work with the proper tools, and must have extensive knowledge about the technological options available in the market.

And so far we have gone through some of the qualities that will help a call center manager in order to carry out his/her work properly. Do you want to see something else?

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