Apps for programming: Learn all about it with these apps

If in ancient times your abilities as a hunter allowed you to survive and rise in society, the mastery of sailing, the art of the sword and literacy, now programming will prevail in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you list your extensive array of titles, noble or academic. This market is looking for multifunctional programmers, who not only know how to program, but also know how to be hunters, expert navigators, master different fencing styles, who are not illiterate and who are not illiterate in different languages.

Apple CEO Tim Cook already warned in a 2017 interview in France that French students should be more interested in learning programming at age 10 than trying English. Timothy was right. The language of the programming extends as far as the eye can see, it is demanded by all. From the startups that proliferate like mushrooms to the most consolidated companies, everyone needs a programmer. Therefore, today, in Pandora FMS, we are going to see some apps for programming from scratch.

Apps for programming


This app is currently only available in English. But you have to internalize it: “English and learning programming go hand in hand”. Specially because, without going any further, this is the language in which you are going to write the famous codes to understand it.

Grasshopper, one of the best Apps for programming, arises from Area 120, one of those incubators passionate about their work in which Google people develop all kinds of innovations that end up being millionaire products.

Grasshopper is an application for iOS and Android, and it makes it easy for you to get interested and find out how it is programmed in JavaScript. How does it do that? It uses different exercises, quizzes, games and hobbies to instruct yourself. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on the mission. A grasshopper will help you.

The application is not overwhelming at all, it poses challenges to which you will have to devote five to ten minutes a day to learn the basics of programming language. Language with which you will later become a millionaire by developing websites, mobile applications… and all those essential things to survive in the world of technology.

In addition, the way Grasshopper explains complicated concepts of the vast semantic field of programming couldn’t be simpler. Follow the advice of your new friend the grasshopper and you’ll see how you’re nowhere on the crest of the wave.


This app isn’t just for rookies. Without any problem, those who have already done their things in the world of programming, can challenge themselves to sharpen their skills, even exceed their current level by accessing more pro tutorials.

One of the differences with Grasshopper is that we can find this application in Spanish. So if you speak spanish, you can relax and install it on iOS and Android.

Among other features, we will find that it not only focuses on the programming language but also on giving us basic pills of C++, HTML, Python 3, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C#, PHP, CSS, Swift, Ruby and jQuery. It’s all very complete.

So, all you have to do is to select from the available tutorials and enter the interactive and practical courses that will arrive, with an exam at the end of the lesson. Don’t worry, SoloLearn will reward you with medals and titles according to your progress in solving your difficulties.

Special features: You can create, execute and treasure your own codes for history. You will be able to modify them and add everything you learn little by little. Another of its outstanding features is the possibility of consulting doubts and solving problems thanks to the detail of being able to interact with other users.


Enki is another great one of these apps for programming. You’ll find it for iOS and Android in English.

This application, apart from teaching you how to program, gives you the opportunity to access all kinds of tutorials. It makes it very easy for you to end up having generic knowledge on topics as important as computer security, databases … and many more.

It’s quite thorough. First you must make the decision and choose between Web, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Git, Java, Sci Comp, SQL and security. A rigorous list of options of where you want to go with your lessons. You will indicate your level in each one of them (from cero to megapro) and the periodicity or assiduity of use. In this very detailed way the app will help you to create a routine of study by means of warnings and notifications in your phone.

Enki will unlock for you control games that will show you everything you’ve learned with it. It won’t be anything like the mythical Duck Hunt of the NES but they are quite entertaining.

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