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    Pandora FMS is a monitoring software which adapts to any scenario.

Ready for the enterprise

Databases, mail servers and business applications are part of a service, and you need to know their performance levels, which implies the need for low-level access to different metrics and their correlations, which goes further than a simple port and process check. This exceeds the average ITOM perspective of a monitoring system. With Pandora FMS you can count on an assortment of graphs, reports and alerts to help you.

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Pandora FMS fits all your monitoring needs with a single software



From hardware to operating system, including virtual servers and cloud infrastructure: low level monitoring and endless features based on our exclusive agent technology.


Powerful monitoring for complex environments: autodiscovery, high-speed headless probes, WMI, trap handling, web transactions and classic SNMP monitoring.


Business Activity Monitoring: control your business operation in realtime monitoring, using custom-made dashboards and reports.


SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, VMware, MySQL, WebLogic, DB2, : We have plugins for all your needs.

Limitless features

Throughout the years we’ve included features that other vendors include with separate products, forcing customers into further investments just to have a complete package. Our all-in-one, coherent and homogenous package has included several network solutions, amongst a wide array of other features.

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Quotes from Our Customers

“With Pandora FMS we’ve been able to very quickly deploy transactional business monitoring”.
Jose Luis Santamaría CTO at Salvesen
"...for Pandora, it is easy to build a redundant configuration which is superior to commercial products”
Shigema Takeda Development & Operation, Rakuten
“The superior flexibility Pandora FMS offers is invaluable. Pandora FMS enables Conferma to monitor bespoke software and key database information which is essential for the nature of our operations”
Rik Kay Security Network Administrator at Conferma
"Alert system is excellent, it warns us about any problem in the device, overall when an Internet link isn’t available in any city, or when there are troubles in the bandwidth consumption in any of the key points."
Luciano Zeni Luciano Zeni. IT Manager. Government of the state of Acre, Brazil
"Pandora FMS has been proven one of the most valuable and important tools in our environment. Nowadays we monitor the entire infrastructure, using SNMP, WMI and ICMP monitors as well as server-based agents"
Michalis Kamprianis IT Projects & Applications Manager, G4S.
“We opted for Pandora FMS because its ease of implementation, maintenance and development as well as its versatility to adapt to any needs. Pandora FMS stood out for being a robust and global solution”
Araceli Ferrer Manager of Cloud Platform, Meta4

Want to know more about our monitoring system?

We’d be delighted to show you Pandora FMS at work and to tend to any questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’ll never sell or give your private data to third parties or companies.