Have you found this article trying to find out what is ticketing or what is a ticketing tool? If so, we’re going to try to help you. And also, you will be able to learn about a ticketing tool that can be very helpful if you are looking for a ticketing tool for your company, so that you can use it!

What is ticketing? These are some basic examples with Pandora ITSM

Although it can have several meanings, when it comes to customer service, ticketing or ticketing tools are those computer programs that are used for incident management and are ticket-based.

As the name suggests, tickets are the key to understanding what is ticketing, and what is a ticket? Or how does a ticketing system work? Probably the best way to understand this is through a basic example.

Suppose you’re in charge of customer service for a company that sells plastic bones for puppies on the Internet.

Since you sell millions of plastic bones to a wide range of customers (because you have great bones and different flavours, from beef to barbecue ribs), you often receive requests from customers who have had an incident and communicate with you through any of the means of contact you provide on your website.

This morning you received a call from a customer who ordered 50 units for his bulldog and they arrived very damaged and dirty. And besides, the taste isn’t what you ordered.

Now, imagine if you had a ticketing tool like Pandora ITSM. After receiving the call, you could open a “ticket” in the system in order to manage the incident.

In the ticket you could include all the information you consider necessary. For example, you could enter the date the order was placed and the customer’s comments. Or you could also attach the pictures that the client sent you by email.

Depending on the configuration of the ticketing system, it will be possible to choose to which person or group of people you would like the system to communicate the opening of the ticket, so that they can participate in it. Thus, as soon as you open it, a notification of the ticket opening will be sent to these people by email.

For example, the alert could reach the person in charge of managing the logistics, so that he or she can make the necessary inquiries to find out what happened to the shipment of the bones that arrived in such poor condition.

The people authorized to take part in the ticket could provide interesting information or show the actions that are being carried out to resolve the issue. For example, the same ticket could include information regarding the customer’s satisfaction and what steps have been taken to ensure that such a problem does not happen in the future.

Thus, the ticket becomes the ” core ” from which the incident is managed. As soon as it is opened, during the whole process, as well as during the closing of the incident, all the information can be gathered in the ticket for a simpler, more organized and effective management of the problem.

And it’ s not just that. The ticket can be saved in order to later on check, if necessary, how the incident was handled, which can be very interesting, for example if there are repeated incidents of the same kind or with the same customer. And also, with a system like Pandora ITSM, you could even associate the incidents to the objects that are part of the inventory which the software itself also includes as one of its features.

Do you already have a better idea of what is ticketing and how does a ticketing tool like Pandora ITSM work? As you can see, the most common feature of ticketing tools is to facilitate and improve customer service management. However, this is not the only thing; in addition to managing incidents with users, a ticketing system such as Pandora ITSM can also be used for other tasks.

For example, it can be used to improve internal communication within a company.

Imagine that one of the members of your sales department has had an interview with one of your top clients and he or she has told you about a specific need his or her company has in order to find out if you could meet it.

Following the previous example, imagine that this is an important shopping mall (you also sell to them) which asks if your range of plastic bone flavors could include roast chicken, because it is a flavor that many of its customers would like.

Your salesperson could open a ticket to inform you of this need and provide all the relevant details, such as the estimated volume of the order. Notification of the opening of the ticket could reach the person in charge of choosing the flavours of the bones, who could then assess whether or not to introduce the new flavor.

This is another example of another use of a ticketing tool like Pandora ITSM. And there are many more.

But we don’t want to make this post endless and boring with more and more examples. To find out how a tool like Pandora ITSM could help you, it’s good to get to know it better and figure out for yourself how it could help you. Or you can also send us any query you may have and the Pandora ITSM team will help you discover the many different possibilities that Pandora ITSM can offer you.

It’s easy to do, you know?

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