CIOs, CTOs and executives. What you need to know about IoT

If you occupy positions of certain responsibility (such as CIO or CTO) and you do not know what is necessary about IoT, you run the risk of being out of the game. So here in this article is what you need to know about IoT.

The following post is not intended to be a full encyclopedia on the Internet of Things. It doesn’t even intend to be a comprehensive list of “everything you need to know about IoT.” But we do would like to remind you of some aspects of IoT that you should take into account if you want to hit the jackpot or, at least, not get hit by the jackpot.

What you need to know about IoT

IoT will be more important than what it seems

It is not only a hot concept, but it already is really important in many companies and the chances are it will be very relevant in the very near future.

We are not going to go on and on about growth forecasts that you have already read a thousand times, but take a look at a key concept: 5G.

The Fifth Generation of mobile phone technologies is one of the factors that IoT needs for its growth, and its arrival will enhance its development in a way we only have a glimpse of today.

If there is someone who should be in charge of the IoT in the company, it is the IT department

You already know that all eyes will be looking in your direction. If someone in the company is expected to take advantage of IoT is the IT department, and as the person in charge, you have no choice but to put on your captain cap and take the helm.

Get all the knowledge you need

We do not question your trainning or your experience. Surely you invested a lot of time and effort in acquiring them. However, you probably already know that in the IT world you never stop learning.

Although the IoT domain has been developed for years, it is still very new, so you probably have a large field for learning before you. In addition, you already know that a position as complex as that of a CIO requires both technical and business knowledge, so it will be twice the challenge.

Mark these words: flexibility, interoperability and scalability

What you need to know about IoT is that it is necessarily something that will work with very heterogeneous environments where diverse manufacturers and solutions must coexist. Therefore, factors such as flexibility and interoperability (about which we already wrote in this post) will be of the utmost importance.

At the same time, the variety in the number of devices and the changing scope of the necessary infrastructure will make it very important to think about options that favor scalability.

New markets, new products

Although your company’s activity may seem to have little to do with IoT, what yo need to know about IoT too is that its versatility can accommodate a wide range of activities.

Have you thought about how your company can make the most out of IoT to launch new products and services? Perhaps you have at hand great potential for growth that is being wasted – at least for now. As always, keep your eyes open for new opportunities.

Another keyword: sensorization

It is one of the key points of IoT. Taking advantage of sensors can bring multiple benefits, even in the least expected ways. There are some magnificent examples: for example, there are livestock facilities that monitor the health and productivity of their cows through collars on their necks, which provide information as useful and funny as the way and frequency they moo.
It is an example that may be very foreign to you, but sensorization can offer an extra value where you least expect it. Think about how to take advantage of it!

IoT and Big Data can also work hand in hand

IoT produces a relentless flow of information. Don’t you think it would be a great idea to take advantage of it? Today, more and more companies are using Big Data solutions to obtain the performance from the huge amount of information received from different sources.

IoT will multiply the available information and therefore its potential, while an improvement in the systems that are responsible for its treatment and analysis is foreseeable.

Don’t forget about security and privacy

The flow of data and the presence of devices in all kinds of places offers great opportunities, but not without risks. IoT development will require facing big security challenges you must also pay a lot of attention to.

As always, the customer will continue to be important

It is not about accumulating IoT devices, but about developing those that really provide an extra value to customers. In an increasingly diverse and demanding market, the user is of utmost importance and demands increasingly useful and customized products, so do not forget that their satisfaction will be both an objective to achieve and a good scale to know if things are working as they should.

Another essential word: monitoring

IoT represents much more technology and much higher supervision demands.

Monitoring is not a new thing, nor is it a surprise that it’s needed. It has been vital for decades in all kinds of IT environments. However, the Internet of Things will multiply its importance.

In addition, IoT monitoring will have its own features. For example, when monitoring IoT devices, monitoring system flexibility will be something to keep in mind.

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