You have spent your whole life dedicating yourself to the noble business of spare parts for chariots, but now you have noticed that recently you’ve hardly had any customers. Your workshop is empty, nobody has shown up in ages, and your toolbox has been filled with cobwebs. Do you think it is now time to renew your company?

In our current world, everything changes very fast, and of course so does the market. Darwin said (kind of) that if a company doesn’t know how to adapt to changes then this will be in danger of extinction. Do you want this for your company?

Renew your gadgets and gear, and upgrade your business.

Upgrade your business; 8 great ideas to finally renew your company

In this article we are going to go through 8 ideas so that your company is not left behind.

Create a website

Can you imagine now why those charioteers were no longer coming to your workshop? We are pretty sure that your friend Marcus already has his website and probably he’s getting loads of work.

If at this point, you still do not have presence on the Internet, it is very likely that your competitors are leaving you behind. Having a great website is basic for your customers to find you. On the one hand, it will help you generate sales beyond traditional channels. On the other hand, it’s all about the image; Many people will click on your website before buying from you personally, this way they are able to find references about your business and they will also be able to check if your company is dodgy.

Look for new sales channels

Online presence is quite important for this. You can create an online store (e-commerce) on your own website or sell through social networks (or do both). For many businesses that started traditionally, today these are their main sales channels. Or, outside the digital world, you can also look for new alternatives, such as selling at fairs or in third-party establishments (maybe Antonio will let you leave some flyers in his hair salon).

Watch out for your online reputation

From creating profiles in social networks, to being careful about what is said about your company or your products in blogs or opinion pages, the importance of online reputation is higher than ever, so it is a very important factor to consider. One tip: hire professionals to manage the online image of your company. Cheap things always end up being expensive, so don’t let Paco (who is a butcher) take care of your website, because it will end in disaster.

Renew the aesthetics of your business

Have you ever heard of that Gaul called Obelix who sells menhirs? Maybe one of these placed next to the entrance of your workshop attracts the attention of many customers.

In some cases, such as in establishments that are open to the public on the street, renewing the image can have a very important effect. Changes in the decoration, lighting, colours or labelling of the premises can make customers think that it is a new business, and you know that new usually attracts attention.

Renew your products

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the market does not stop changing. Both newly created companies and businesses that have years of experience offer new products. Clients seek to meet new needs. You cannot be left behind. Study your competitors. Ask your customers. Think about what new products or services you could offer them and how you will improve the old ones (for example, Greek cars have become quite trendy lately).

Get some training and train your team

Have you ever heard of someone called Seneca? He is the one who used to give great speeches

A good way to renew your business is to find the necessary tools for you and your team when changing. There are many courses, conferences, lectures, etc., where you can acquire knowledge that will allow you to be up-to-date and upgrade your business. If you want to renew your company, make sure that the people who work with you are up-to-date.

Remember to always network

Have you ever been in the Forum? Wait, what? That’s where everything works!

When performing your own update and accumulation of new knowledge, networking is essential. Networking is good for many things, such as publicizing your business in the sector or looking for collaborations with other companies, but one of the greatest benefits it can bring, is its ability to offer new ideas. Talk to the people in your sector and you will come up with new ideas to upgrade your business.

Introduce new technology into your business

Technology is not a Disney invention to drive us crazy. On the contrary, its goal is to help us make things easier. Frequently, the good use of technology will be the difference between a company that works quickly and effectively and another one that is slow and hardly works properly. Even customers will often notice if the technology that is used by a business is out-dated. Be clear: if you do not give your company the necessary technological means, you will probably have a hard time.

The good news is that, whatever your business is, there are great technological tools that can help you.

For example, do you need to improve customer service? Do you want to improve internal communication in your company? Do you want to have software that offers features such as inventory, project management or vacation management?

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