What kind of technology geek are you? Find out for yourself!

From the beginning of time, beyond the Game Boy Color and the pager, the walkman and Polaroid, even before superstition and swords ruled everything, there were people who were already called “Technology Geeks” by some people…

Their love for new developments led them to immediately purchase any new inventions and, of course, to brag about them. Centuries of evolution have not removed them from the vast and carved walls of history, they have adapted perfectly and now we can almost say that they are among the great majority of our acquaintances and friends.

They’ re willing to judge you if you’re still an analogue human being, and they’ll always try to talk you into getting your head around technology. Do we like them? Yes we do! Since they are always around and ready to help us with our questions about the best antivirus solution or the price of the new smart custom-made watch.

One of the ways to find out how much you know about technology is to find out what kind of technology geek you are.

Technology Geek: The Pointer

technology geek: the pointer

If you try to create your own homemade wi-fi waves at home and you get the new stuff even before the release of the project of a multi-million dollar company in the USA or Japan then you are a “Pointer”.

Everyone has realised at this point that technological innovations can become addictive and dependent and a fantasy on which the pleasure of many people depends.

Everyone has his or her own hobbies, and if yours is the “latest gadget”, then that is your business. From here we would like to express our feelings and hope that you will let us borrow any of those gadgets that define you. That would be nice.

Technology geek: The Retro

If you’re part of that coalition that the young Millennials have formed with the wise people from Generation X to surround themselves with the nostalgic technology of the eighties and nineties, then you’ re one of the “Retro” geeks.

Vinyl records, video games, analog cameras, the ZX Spectrum microcomputer, a video camera of the size of a human baby… If you have to be tied up with cassettes and if you use your favorite VHSs then, you have a problem with the past. Either you were there and you want to come back or maybe you wish you were born in those days with more violent cartoons on TV!

I don’t think the interest in that period will ever go away, and it’s not like the 1980s or 1990s will ever return, but we’ve realized that, for some reason, the more digital technology moves forward in our time, the greater the value of the technology of that time.

Technology geek: The Video gamer

technology geek: the video gamer

The Video Gamer or the Gamers are different from normal video game players basically because they really play with an incomparable addiction. With a lot of dedication, biting their lips and destroying the joystick with their ambition to get to the next level.

Their parents and partners care about them and the amount of time they devote to it. They come up with phrases like, “Please, baby, will you go out and get some sun? Otherwise you’ ll go blind!”.

But leave them alone, almost all of us have been there and we know how much we love a game console and how valuable our extensive knowledge of cool characters is.

Technology geek: The IT Friend

Yes, the one who is fed up of being the “Computer Friend”, whom you call in the middle of the night to fix something up and who lives in his room among computers.

One day, he says, “Hey, I know something about computers, come on. I can change hardware, I can format a few things, I can even program. But, well, the essentials, I deal with the frequent programs and so on. Well, this makes him the greatest god of technology, translated into your clueless language. You can change channels with just a blink of an eye, or even unblock the DVD.

“You think he’s learned everything he knows about computers because he has a fat button like the one on the computer, that when you press it it will load up with data and solutions to your problems. But this is as far from the truth as it gets; they have wasted countless hours of their lives storing knowledge of the vast meadows of the Internet and its forums, consulting manuals and decomposing computers, piece by piece. Don’t underestimate them, and of course, don’t use them only for your purpose: they are a worldwide asset.

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