SaaS Plus, new ways to exploit monitoring

With Pandora FMS SaaS monitoring you can start operating almost instantly, using our Enterprise technology, thanks to any of our certified partners who offer this service. This allows you to focus exclusively on the operational aspects, control costs and growth from the very first minute, without having to invest in training, licenses, management, updates, initial implementation, etc.

Let’s cut to the chase. The standard SaaS would be closer to the guy who´s made his bed so he can lie in it, simply by hitting the buy or try button in the provider of his choice within Pandora FMS certified ones. Perfect to start a project or to operate a medium or small sized environment.

However, our new SaaS Plus model goes much further. It is suitable for that other type of professionals, who need to scale from an environment with hundreds of agents to several thousands. Due to limitations beyond their control, it cannot operate on its own, in a more traditional (on-premise) model. In addition, these professionals are looking for help in the early stages, with consulting and integration. Just what we do best: helping. You will also have custom support with the sale, which is done individually, guided by a sales engineer, with a specialized technical profile and the support of pre-sales and support engineers.

Okay, but then what makes SaaS plus different from Pandora FMS?

  • 100% system control (hardware, OS and Pandora FMS).
  • Hour packs for custom adjustments.
  • Monitoring operation./li>
  • Agent installation services and remote deployments.
  • Installation and dedicated staff.
  • 24/7 NOC (Network Operation Center) operation anywhere in the world with customized service level conditions.

SaaS Plus services can be run in any country in the world, relying on local partners to integrate the best of partner proximity and experience and vendor expertise and support.

Would you like to learn more about this new Pandora FMS release? You can download all the information right here

If you have to monitor more than 100 devices, you may also enjoy a FREE 30-day Pandora FMS Enterprise TRIAL. Cloud installation or On-Premise, you choose !! Get it here .

Last but not least, remember that if you have a reduced number of devices to monitor, you can use Pandora FMS OpenSource version. Find more information here .

Do not hesitate to send us your questions. Pandora FMS team will be happy to help you!