In the antediluvian period, the Internet did not exist. We know right, can you imagine a world without Internet?

Imagine a world without social networks or email. Imagine that you have a problem on your computer but you’re not able to solve it on time because you lack remote computer support.

Maybe you don’t know the size of this problem. This brief example might help you.

Noah is a kind old man who has a long white beard who loves Nature so he lives there with his family. He has spent some time building an ark and now he organises in his Excel a list of animals and he needs to finish that as soon as possible. However, when he turned on his computer this morning, he received an error message on his desktop.

Noah is quite stressed and desperate due to the bad organisation with his animals.

These problems are quite annoying! Methuselah, the most experienced and closest computer scientist, is 3 days away from Noah’s ark, and Noah cannot wait that long. The sky is overcast and he needs to finish his Excel before it starts to rain!

Noah has a real problem, which could easily be solved with an Internet connection and remote computer support.

What is remote computer support?

Okay, you might have heard this term before, or perhaps you have never heard these words, but you can guess what these words mean. It’s about fixing problems (or providing a service) remotely. Here’s the proper definition:

Remote computer support is a service provided by computer professionals, in order to establish a remote connection between the technician and the client’s computer, which is affected by problems, these problems will be solved with Internet and with the help of remote access software.

Remote computer support allows you to solve multiple incidents in a computer, when it comes to software problems; remote computer support plays a lead role and it’s used by the professionals of the sector.

When it comes to the type of remote computer support, it can include services such as the resolution of incidents with the operating system, help with the installation of programs or the resolution of incidents that may arise with its use, and the resolution of problems generated by malware or assistance in the installation of peripherals. Thus, we can say that within its technical conditions, remote computer support can be quite wide and diverse.

What are the advantages of remote computer support?

The benefits offered by remote computer support for an individual or company are endless and this has a lot to do with offering a great service without travelling.

1. It’s faster

It is one of the biggest advantages. Remote computer support helps the professionals in charge and gives them the possibility of offering their clients fast assistance, since the travelling time is removed and the availability of the technicians usually is much greater. In the example we mentioned earlier, if Noah and Methuselah had had an Internet connection and good remote desktop software, Methuselah would have been able to connect to Noah’s computer and he would have solved his incidents in just a few minutes.

2. It’s cheaper

Since the travelling cost (in terms of time spent, fuel, vehicle wear, etc.) disappears, the professionals who are responsible for offering remote IT assistance tend to adjust their rates more than those face-to-face services. In our example, with a face-to-face service Methuselah would have charged Noah 3 bags of barley, but he could have reduced his rate to only one bag of barley if he had worked remotely.

3. It’s more flexible

Remote computer support offers more adaptability than face-to-face services. For example, many companies that offer this have a subscription per hour, which can be consumed depending on the needs that arise. So, if Noah had had this type of subscription, for example 10 hours, he could have contacted Methuselah again in order to help him with future problems with his computer.

How is the remote computer support provided?

When it comes to individuals, they usually hire one-off assistance with professionals or companies for this. On the other hand, if a company needs remote computer assistance services, they either do this with an external but trustworthy technical assistance service, or, if the company is big and they need continuous IT maintenance, they need to have a professional (this could be a systems administrator) or a service of their own that is part of the company and is responsible for solving all problems that may arise when it comes to computers.

Anyway, there are very useful tools that will provide a remote computer support service, yes; we are talking about remote desktop software.

By remote desktop software, we mean those programs that provide a connection between the affected computer and the one, which will solve the problem, and these must have an Internet connection. Pandora RC is one of these. Let us show you what why mean by Pandora RC

Pandora RC is a remote management system for computers (remote desktop software), which helps both companies and IT professionals.

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