Pandora FMS on Windows 8 !

December 12, 2012

Pandora FMS on Windows 8 !

I not a Windows lover, I must recognize that Windows 8 has very beautiful desktop and some nice features in the file manager / windows explorer… anyway, far away from Mac, of course ;)

Anyway, powershell, WMI and lots of powerful ways to get information from the OS are still working to be used on Pandora FMS, I’ve just tested to run the newest pandora FMS agent (4.0.3 pre release) and works like a charm, see screenshot :)

  1. […] We have already made a brief summary on how to manage and monitor an Active Directory database (Windows® distributed directory service) in a comparison of Pandora FMS and PRTG, and through this tool we could deploy (install, update, repair) applications in the computers of our networks under supervision, even with the help of Powershell and WMI technology. […]

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