Have you ever tried that game in which several people tell the same story on a chain and then the story is completely transformed when it reaches the last participant? Well, just imagine that in a company!

Human beings are imperfect. It’s a pity, but it is the way it is! And when we communicate with each other, we also drag on our imperfections that modify the message and end up turning it into something very different from what it was.

Now imagine that in internal communications in the company. Many people with different ways of thinking and being, with different backgrounds or training, trying to understand each other on all kinds of issues that can be very important for the operation of the business. And imagine if you don’t manage all that information properly. If you don’t have a good structure or the right tools to manage it. Or even if you don’t manage it at all, it could be a mess!

Internal communications within the company; 5 basic features

There is no doubt that internal communications in the company are very important. How about clarifying some key issues? Here we go.

– Organization

This is one of the reasons why you should pay great attention to internal communications.

Imagine that you have to transmit an important order for your work (for example, you have to move the bonsais from one place to another because the sun is burning them by the side of the window), but the message arrives incorrectly to the person in charge of doing it and he or she does just the opposite of what you wanted and puts them all right on the window sill. Those poor bonsais could be grilled!

Whatever the reason, but especially if we are talking about descending internal communications (if you want to know more about the different types of internal communications that exist you can click here. A proper transmission of information will be essential to ensure that the company enjoys a good organization.

– Stress

Remember: every obstacle that you place -or that you don’t remove, if you are able to do so- will make work more difficult and increase the stress for your team members.

Imagine, for example, that you have a customer service but its members suffer because they do not have a clear and effective way of communicating user incidents to people who have the necessary technical knowledge to resolve them.

And now imagine this problem multiplied by dozens of customers a day, supporting their continuous complaints and under the pressure of achieving good results. With such a scenario, stress would become inevitable, with all the bad things that come with it.

– Participation

And how good does the company look when ideas flow fresh and shiny like a river enlightened by the sun?

Internal communications are key to the transmission of new ideas that help to improve the company. Suppose that Paquito, from the commercial department, had a conversation with a client resulting in a magnificent idea to improve a product, but it falls on deaf ears because he doesn’t know who to pass it on to and he doesn’t have time to look for the right person. Maybe you’re losing an idea that is worth millions…

Having good internal communications channels is essential so that good ideas are not lost in time and space, so don’t forget to provide these to your people…

– Image

What would you think if you were a customer of a company and the information you were given about a product by one of the people who work for the company (a salesperson, for example) had nothing to do with the information given to you by another (a customer service agent)? You might think that in that company they don’t know anything, or that they are trying to give you a hard time.

Good internal communications provide coherence and consistency when communicating with customers. Don’t you have this? Prepare yourself for runaway users…

– Implication

Do you want your team to feel inspired at work? Do you want your people to realise that their opinion matters? Do you want them to bring in new ideas because they know they will at least be heard? Then give them good internal communications!

Because fluid and effective communication leads to appreciation and well-being (just as bad communication leads to detachment and conflict, by the way). If you get it, your people will feel more listened to and involved in their work, which will benefit both the company and workers at many levels.

These are 5 key reasons why you should think very carefully about internal communications in your company. And now you will ask yourself, with great concern, while observing your bonsais, what can I do to improve it?

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and that means that we have some tools such as computers, which provides us with wonders such as the Internet, the Pac-Man, and even some software to help improve internal communications in a company.

Can we introduce you to one of them? It’s called Pandora ITSM. Pandora ITSM is a program that, among many other features, has an incident management system (help desk software) based on tickets (ticketing) that can help you both to manage customer service and to improve internal communications in a company.

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And remember that Pandora ITSM also has other very interesting features, such as an inventory or a project management system.

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