Do you want to offer an excellent customer service? and how would you like to do that without first knowing which are the phases that the customer service process goes through and which are the steps you have to take in each one of them?

Knowing the actions that we must carry out from the moment the user contacts us until their problem is solved will be very important, both for the people in charge of carrying out the task (agents and/or company staff) and for the design of the service itself.

In this article we will learn about the most common customer service process, as well as its phases and the aspects in which we should focus our attention with special interest in each one of them, let’s go!

What is the customer service process?

The customer service process is the group of activities that we carry out from the moment we receive the first contact from a user until we solve his or her problem and we say goodbye to him or her, sorted according to the different phases that we will go through throughout the procedure.

Being aware of the different phases of the process and the key points that we must have under control in each one of them is fundamental when it comes to developing a service of the highest quality. And you would like your company to be the best it can be, right? Remember that customer service is one of the basic aspects of any business, and that poor service can result in the loss of a large number of customers and a harmful source of negative publicity – are you sure you want that for your business?

What are the phases of the customer service process?

– Contact

This is the first phase, in which many relevant aspects come into play which could mark the rest of the process.

When a person contacts a customer service department, they do so with expectations that can be summarized in two points:

  1. He or she hopes to be treated with courtesy and kindness by a person who shows willingness to help.
  2. They hope to have their problems or questions resolved in relation to any product or service that we may be providing to them.

Since these are their expectations (and by the way, they are very legitimate expectations), that’s what the service should offer them. An exquisite and diligent treatment is a must. And not only that: the user should be aware from the first minute that our goal is to solve their problems.

– Listen and gather information

Once we have established the first contact, we must start working to solve the problem or the doubt that the client may have, and how are we going to do that if we don’t know what they need?

Listening to the user is essential. And not only that, we must listen to it in an active way. Our clients must know that we are not only getting their message right, but we have the right attitude to help them. And, of course, their problems and needs must be perfectly clear, so we need to ask them the right questions to clarify what the reason for their query is and their needs.

– Problem solving

Once a positive connection has been established with the customer and we know their problem and needs, we need to get to work and solve the situation.

The way to do this will depend on the type of business we are involved in, on its particularities and even on the specific problem of the client that we must solve. For example, it is not the same thing to resolve a simple question about a warranty for a basic product as it is to resolve a technical problem that requires the intervention of a specialist.

In any case, it will be necessary to have a good structure and the necessary tools to ensure that the service works. We will come back to this very important issue later on.

– Farewell and completion

Once the problem is solved, it becomes necessary to leave a positive feeling in the customer.

In order to achieve this, we must again use courtesy and kindness and confirm that the problem has been resolved to their satisfaction. Depending on the type of service provided, the possibility of a short satisfaction survey may even be considered, which will help us to assess whether the service is being offered in an appropriate manner.

These are the most common phases in a customer service process. As you can imagine, the procedure to be followed will not always be the same as this one, but it will coincide in most cases.

In any case, something that you must take into account when offering good customer service is an aspect that we have already talked about, but which must be stressed: it is essential to have a good organization and tools to help you manage the service.

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