Amplify WiFi : find out how to do it

If you don’t know, I already tell you that it is always convenient to have a good WiFi signal, and that is why, today, on Pandora FMS blog, we are going to talk about how to amplify WiFi.

The WiFi signal has probably replaced karma, chakra, qì and the papal blessing as invisible and magical things that we like but do not understand. It is true that it does not have such ancient, spiritual and esoteric roots, but on countless occasions it may be much more useful. But the question is, how can I amplify WiFi signals?

By now everyone knows what WiFi is, right? It is said of that technology that we have at home beating in the router, or that we try to take advantage of in establishments, and that enables wireless interconnection of our electronic devices to the Internet. Computers of all kinds and fur, smartphones, modern TVs, next-generation consoles, music players and everything you can think of, conceived at this time, can connect to each other and to the Internet, through this all-powerful being that is WiFi.

Place your router correctly

The first idea on how to amplify WiFi is to place your router in the best location at home. The signal must cover as much as possible and therefore must be located in a central location, both for horizontal and vertical coordinates. If you could trace a cross through the rooms and floors of your house, you should place it right in the middle.

It is also important for you to place it at a height according to that of your appliances, so it is best to put it on a shelf or a table with a mat, and place it in a horizontal position. And if you manage to keep the signal from being disturbed by thick walls, metal or water, that would be perfect. These cloud it and weaken it.

Set properly your router’s antenna

This step to amplify WiFi only applies if your router has an antenna. It is recommended for these antennas to be located standing up and in a vertical position, as they do not send the signal equally in all directions. They do it from their tip in a more horizontal than vertical way. That’s why it’s important for them to be at the same height as that of your devices.

If your router has multiple antennas you can place one vertically and one horizontally to also cover upper floors. You can even tilt the antenna 45 degrees so that the signal covers both the top floors and the bottom floors.

As in everything, try several positions and keep the one that works best. But yes, you have to engrave on fire the idea that antennas throw their signal more powerfully from their sides than from their end.

Use a signal repeater

WiFi repeaters work in a simple way: they catch your router’s WiFi signal and amplify it and extend it to a new area. Thus, where your router could not reach before, the amplifier helps it and you can get a better signal.

These amps tend to pay off considerably more than PLCs, as these come in a sizable gadget pack, while the amp works on its own. They are cheaper and less complicated to place.

The PLC aims at the same results as the repeaters but through your home’s electrical wiring. That way, if the WiFi signal does not reach your room from the living room, you can, through plugs, bring it closer to get better coverage.

The best channel

Usually your newly installed router will choose the best WiFi channel, but sometimes, if the router is of poor quality, it will not perform this simple procedure properly. Therefore, to channel it, access your router with its username and password through the IP address. From there, in the wireless network sections, you will have the option of selecting a different channel. If your router is dual band and operates on both frequencies, you may choose the channel for both.

If you are now wondering which channel to choose, the answer is easy: the least crowded. You must use a WiFi spectrum analyzer to locate it.

And up to here is our list of tips to amplify your WiFi. Surely, if you delve deeper into the vast and alienated fields of the Internet, you will find less orthodox methods to help you make a homemade amplifier antenna out of leftover cans of Coke and paper clips stolen from your office, but we decided to stick to these.

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