I’ve rewrite some code on old 2.x code for static graphs. New graphs are more useful, and has been added a much better support for stacked graphs (line and area). See some samples here, I hope this help to provide a nice reporting :-). Also graphs included in maps are now rendered witout the annoying title, same as combined ones.

This is a sample of the classical module graph and a new kind of graph: stacked line graph. Is like the 2.x stacked area graph, but using just lines. As you can see we also have adapted the stacked colors to be much more visible.

This is a sample of graphs in a visual map, with no transparency problems a very descriptive label in X axis, with no title. Title shown is choosen by the user in map creation mode, not a static title composed by agent/module.

All static graphs are used in reports, and user could select static or flash graphics in the web console. Most of bugs detected in previous versions are fixed and also most usability problems detected.