Hi Buddies!

We are working hard in Pandora FMS 5.0 and one of the biggest points of this version is a renewed graphs system.

Until now the graphs could be static (pChart library) or flash (Fusion charts). The Flash ones has been replaced by a new library based on javascript/HTML5 using jQuery library.

I talk about Flot library.

With the new library we gain flexibility of customisation, interactivity and forget the heavy flash technology.

Some of the new features provided by this engine are:

  • Know the value of the graph (even combined graphs) updating legend when move the cursor over graph
  • Zoom in possibility
  • Overview graph to view full graph as reference when the main one is zoomed
  • Warning and critical thresholds as yellow and red horizontal lines
  • Draw events as points in the graph (until now the events was drawn as area graphs very ugly)
  • Extend information of events through ajax call
  • Bold the legend item when the cursor is over a sector in pie graphs
  • All flexibility that you imagination needs 🙂

Some screenshots:

Remember that YES… all of that is a completly OPEN feature.

You are welcomed to download the trunk version, test the graphs and play with it all you want.