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New HTML5 graphs engine

March 9, 2012

New HTML5 graphs engine

Hi Buddies!

We are working hard in Pandora FMS 5.0 and one of the biggest points of this version is a renewed graphs system.

Until now the graphs could be static (pChart library) or flash (Fusion charts). The Flash ones has been replaced by a new library based on javascript/HTML5 using jQuery library.

I talk about Flot library.

With the new library we gain flexibility of customisation, interactivity and forget the heavy flash technology.

Some of the new features provided by this engine are:

  • Know the value of the graph (even combined graphs) updating legend when move the cursor over graph
  • Zoom in possibility
  • Overview graph to view full graph as reference when the main one is zoomed
  • Warning and critical thresholds as yellow and red horizontal lines
  • Draw events as points in the graph (until now the events was drawn as area graphs very ugly)
  • Extend information of events through ajax call
  • Bold the legend item when the cursor is over a sector in pie graphs
  • All flexibility that you imagination needs :)

Some screenshots:

Remember that YES… all of that is a completly OPEN feature.

You are welcomed to download the trunk version, test the graphs and play with it all you want.

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  1. dario

    Awesome!!!!!It looks really good and very powerful! I think Pandora 5 would have the best graphic engine of all monitoring tools.Congratulation guys! You work very hard and you create a new great version in each realease of Pandora!Se you!Darío

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