The presence of the mobile phones in our lives is unquestionable, and the monitoring systems have been forced to evolve with them.

There are two sides on this coin: Monitor the mobile devices and use these devices to monitor.

Anyway, Pandora FMS is ready for both.
How to monitor mobile devices with Pandora FMS?
There is a specific agent for these devices:



Pandroid is a Pandora FMS’ agent for Android devices that allows you to monitor your tablets and smartphones, so you can get all information from mobile devices in your Pandora FMS server.

It’s so simple, you install it on your mobile device, configure it with your Pandora FMS URL and it will work in background mode sending data periodically to Pandora FMS as: Battery level, signal strength, GPS coordinates, Running apps, free memory, etc.


How to use mobile devices for monitoring?
There are two different apps to monitor from your mobile or tablet.

Pandora FMS



This app allows you to access to Pandora FMS using your smartphone or tablet. With this app you can operate and watch information from your agents, events, groups, alerts, modules and even network maps everywhere.

It’s a general purpouse app to control your systems.



Pandora FMS Event Viewer 



With Pandora FMS Event Viewer you can check your events everywhere. Read events from your Pandora FMS from your Android device. Validate, search and get realtime event notification.

This app have push up notifications to have real time warnings improving the control over your systems.


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