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What would our life without Internet be like?

June 11, 2018

What would our life without Internet be like?

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Life without Internet in 2021; could this be possible in our world?

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Read on before you end your life.

As far as we know, there are no efforts to eliminate the Internet, so you have no reason to worry. But it’s interesting to know what our life would be like without the Internet, right?

Although you can’t even imagine it, that time existed. These are ancient times, when everything was rural. Kind of like the’90s, sort of.

At that time there were already such malevolent machines, certainly created by some demon, called computers. But, although it may seem crazy, they were all disconnected from each other, as if they were living in isolation, and they were only used for nondescript tasks, such as writing texts or working (although video games already existed).

Thankfully, a few years later everything changed. The internet came into our lives, cities grew, water irrigation watered our fields and the world was filled with light and colour.

But what would it be like to live without the Internet? Would you dare to live such a terrible scenario? Let’s have a look at this terrible scenario.

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– We’d have to go out on the street to do our shopping

Do you know those places they call shops where some people (specially old people) do their shopping? Well, if you didn’t have the Internet, you’d have to shop there!

Imagine that scenario. You want to buy a USB (for example) and you have to get off the couch, get dressed and go out on the cold street. And on top of that, you have to do it only during opening hours, because outside these hours the shops are closed. Would it be worth living like this?

– We would need to look at maps to get to the places in a life without Internet

You may be lucky to live in a time when maps are no longer needed. But those of us who have used them, we know the horrors of them.

These were the days when it was necessary to look in a book (hundreds of pages) or a map (which was always creased) in order to find a way to reach another city or, even worse, a specific street. And there was no one to understand that, no voice to guide you on your way. Some people, who were desperate, were even reckless enough to ask other passers-by about the best way to reach their destination. As we said, it was horrifying.

– We’d be much worse informed in a life without Internet

Today, Google saves our lives several times a day. But imagine if it didn’t exist. You’d probably try to take your own life instantly. Luckily, you couldn’t do it because, without Google, you wouldn’t know how to do it.

Luckily, we have access to all the information provided by the Internet, so we can easily read Immanuel Kant’s complete works, learn more about Planck’s constant or find out what our cousin Segismundo, who has a coffee shop in Cuenca, had for breakfast yesterday. Oh, thank goodness!

– We’d be so very bored in a life without Internet

Imagine that you have to take a train ride and you don’t have a smartphone with signal coverage. Okay, don’t get your thumbs up. We already know how bad you are every time you lose signal, so imagine that scenario 24 hours a day.

Have you passed out? Well, I hope you haven’t, so keep reading. There was a time when things were like this and to cover up the idle times we had to amuse ourselves with strange and unthinkable tasks like reading books on paper or looking at pedestrians. And people were happy! The survival capacity of human beings is almost limitless…

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– We should be talking to people face to face in a life without internet

Now, imagine if social networks or Whatsapp didn’t exist.

Before you have a nervous breakdown, let me remind you of that time. Dark times in which we had to use instruments such as the landline telephone (there were no phones either), letters, carrier pigeons or even personal contact (argh!) to communicate. Luckily, God created Tim Berners-Lee

– Everything would be much more difficult

Work, communications, leisure… everything would be harder, more uncomfortable, more difficult and even dirtier.

There are, however, those who argue that some things would improve. We would enjoy more time with our friends and family in person or we would spend more time in the countryside, while enjoying nature. But who wants those things?

The Internet is undoubtedly an absolute must nowadays. It has changed our lives to the point of turning the previous era into a fuzzy and terrible historical period, similar to the Middle Ages (or even worse). Luckily, all that was left behind and happiness entered our lives for good.

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  1. Ruby Cullen

    Whoa!!!! What a nice essay! Never read anything sooooo cool and stylish. Thank goodness, for the writer must have been in a very good mood

  2. KM

    This is so stupid. You’re acting like life without the internet would be the absolute worst even though it existed and- newsflash! Many people were just fine. Not bored, not burdened, fine. Because that was the only way we knew. I actually ENJOY talking face-to-face with people! Sometimes even more than texting. Not that I don’t understand social anxiety, believe me, I do, but you know what?There was still texting on older phones!I think without internet we would all just find more active and creative ways to have fun. Play a sport! Make art! Take up a hobby! Not all fun is limited to the internet. As for Google, ever hear of the public library?? One of the only spaces we’re still allowed to just BE in without spending money??? “But ohhh leaving my house!!” Boo hoo. You have to walk/drive. How tragic...The internet can be cool, yes. It can be convenient. I enjoy most of the things it provides. But comparing a time without it to the Middle Ages is a WIDE stretch and, frankly, speaks to a much wider issue about our absolute dependence on it.

  3. Zizi

    Life sucks with internet -

  4. kashijani

    wow, what an interesting website it is

  5. Christina

    We need to get rid of the Internet and computers and make life easier . I miss the 80's and early 90's. I want that decade back.

  6. Abeera

    This was very helpful. becz of this i could submit my assignment on time. thank you very much.

  7. Richard Easter

    Excellent essay. Life without the internet would be great. Flip the switch and turn it off.

  8. Josep

    "We’d be much worse informed in a life without Internet"Not quite - before the internet, there were newspapers and television. Then again, said newspapers and TV networks might be biased, and the internet at least allows one to read news from other countries.

  9. bhaskar singh

    Thank you for writing this. u saved my life

  10. Muhammed ali

    It was so useful writing

    • Dimas Pardo

      Many thanks to you, Ali.

  11. Muhammed ali

    It was so useful for me

    • Dimas Pardo

      Many thanks to you.

  12. Internet is the interconnected network of world full web servers in this world. It is almost impossible to say that the world without the Internet. The simplest thing, such as communication and entertainment, is based on the Internet. NewsRonic/

    • Dimas Pardo

      Thank you for your response.

  13. Ruiari Barton

    People today seem to think that if you don’t use the internet, you don’t exist.Seriously, come on, guys, the Internet isn’t an Essential (Like food, water or shelter). You ABSOLUTELY CAN survive without the internet if you try.Hell, I survived two months without internet be doing a #nointernetchallenge and I coped very well indeed.In a way, I don’t use the internet, the internet uses ME!

    • Dimas Pardo


    • Ahmad Raza

      Yeah, we can survive, internet is not essential, but I don't know why people become so crazy and share their shit suggestions and happenings that internet is must compulsory like bla bla bla. I just come here to get to know what people think if internet not exist. Yeah, its true internet change our life. But believe me, mostly it changed in negative terms. We forgot our cultures, we forgot our religion, we forgot our purpose of creation.

  14. Matilo Tabaliatile

    Really this is interesting internet is really good

    • Dimas Pardo

      Thanks a lot, Matilo.

  15. Dave

    An essay how live could be better/worse without internet is not the correct question. The question is "would it be hard to return to a live without internet now that you're knowing and using the internet?" Question is probably affirmative.

    • Dimas Pardo


  16. Bennybooboo

    I'm guessing this is satire...Ok, well where should I start? how about an anecdote: having got rid of my cell phone six months ago-which cuts me off from texting-I ended up forgetting my password to my credit card online access, because it was saved on the cell for ease. In the past I was able to use my email to retrieve the password, but they had changed their policy to text only. Being that I didn't have text, there was no remedy, had to cancel the card-because to do business with them you need text. Do you see? how this is going from the internet being the best choice, to the internet being the only choice. The Thomas guide was discontinued in 2008 (wasn't that hard to use, and easier in some aspects concerning zooming in/out online or lack of detailed description, where the Thomas guide had ever single road there was). Nobody has cook books anymore, let alone any recipes memorized! what are you going to do if the internet went out tomorrow? you probably wouldn't even remember how to tie you shoes. Talk about dumbing people down, no books, no ability to have knowledge in your singular possession! in your head or physical print. Anybody remember 1984 and newspeak? the ability for the ruling class to change history to their agenda...its a bit harder to change what's written in a book sitting in your library? but easy to manipulate online. We are losing far more then we are gaining with the internet, and the scary thing is only those in the generations before the millennials would know any better. Pretty soon, there will be an app for butt wiping because we will have forgotten how to do it ourselves?

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