One of the new features of 5.1 version is a useful extension to IPv4/IPv6 Address Management (from now IPAM).


With IPAM feature, you will be able to:

Discover networks

  • IPs detection in a subnet.
  • Checking response of each IP (Up or Down depending on a Ping check).
  • Resolving Host name.
  • Detecting OS.
  • Associating to Pandora FMS agents by IP.

Manage discovered IPs

Each IP of a discovered Network can be configured setting manually the autodetected attributes:

  • Host name.
  • Operating system.
  • Pandora FMS associated agents (This association can be performed in the opposite way if  check “Update agent addresses”. In this case, the IPs with changed agentes, will be added as secondary IPs to these agents in Pandora FMS).

Other setting parameters for each IP:

  • Set IPs as “Managed” to be able of filter desired hosts from the others regardless the status.
  • Disable undesired IPs to avoid check them optimizing the recon task.
  • Enable events to create an event when the discovered information of an IP changes.
  • Add comments.


Each IP has a details view where is possible do a ping check showing result in a modal window.


Customize IPs view

IPs view can be filtered to show:

  • All hosts.
  • Only Hosts Up.
  • ‘Managed’ hosts (setted as ‘Managed’).

Other minor filter options such as sorting by different fields or size of the icons to adapt the view to your needs.


Calculate subnets

A standalone Subnetworks Calculator is included with IPAM extension. This calculator supports IPv4 and IPV6.

With it you can calculate a lot of useful data from a network address and a subnet mask (mask accepts bit and address format).

The calculator gives the following data:

  • Network (Address/Bitmask)
  • Network mask*
  • Network wildcard*
  • Network address*
  • Broadcast address*
  • First valid IP*
  • Last valid IP*
  • Number of IPs on the network

* These fields are given in address format (decimal for IPv4 and hexadecimal for IPv6) and binary format.



IPAM extension will be available in Pandora FMS Enterprise from version 5.1.