Who does not know about Cyber days by now? A date that first debuted in November 2005, for the good of all geeks around the world, and that remains to this day as one of the most anticipated events of the year, at least for those of us with minimal technological ambition.

Cyber days in Pandora FMS: 25% less in our training

In a company where we are devoted to monitoring systems and networks with the best software created for this, Pandora FMS, we were not going to be less, therefore, we now show our cards on the table and show you our hot sale for these cyberdays.

Cyber days in Pandora FMS: 25% off in our training

That is, Pandora FMS offers a25% discount on its training courses until December 31, with its corresponding official certification.

Upcoming dates

Check the calendar of upcoming courses here

The objective of PAT training courses is to help you learn how to install Pandora FMS, teach you to monitor remotely and locally (with agents) and manage Pandora FMS features such as events, alerts, reports, graphical user views, network recognition..

On the other hand, PAE training courses will teach you to carry out advanced monitoring, in distributed architectures, and high availability environments, operate with plugins (server and agent) and use Pandora FMS monitoring policy system and manage Pandora FMS services.

Cyber Days Promotion: 25% off in packs

We’re going to show you our incredible promotion packs for the next Cyber Days, made up of the course taught, access to e-learning and the exams for the official certification.


Other options

But, we do not only offer packs, we also show you other options separately: the PAT/PAE exams, access to our e-learning platform and the magnificent and demanded customized courses, for specific needs. If you want to join the latter, first check with our professionals, since they cannot be taught online.


Our software

Many of you know our software, Pandora FMS. It is one of the most powerful and flexible ones out there in the market, and it offers several possibilities. Therefore, learning to master all its secrets is not easy task. On many occasions you need these courses. For this reason, this offer is a privileged opportunity to learn as much as possible about our tool.

The official Pandora FMS documentation reaches more than 1500 pages; you may read them, watch all our videos or even read the code; you may also count on extra help to save money and save your valuable time, but… who better than software developers to certify whether or not you master Pandora FMS?

Our official certifications not only show who deeply knows the product; They are also a way of finding out whether the person taking the course has really made the most out of it.

With almost a thousand certificates over the last decade, you can be sure that if someone is certified, they have enough knowledge to implement Pandora FMS.

If you have to monitor more than 100 devices, you may also enjoy a FREE 30-day Pandora FMS Enterprise TRIAL. Installation in Cloud or On-Premise, you choose !! Get it here.
Last but not least, remember that if you have a reduced number of devices to monitor, you can use the Pandora FMS OpenSource version. Find more information here.
Do not hesitate to send us your questions. Pandora FMS team will be happy to help you!