So you thought the sale was closed and that was it? Were you already counting your banknotes with your best Scrooge McDuck face? What a mistake!

After the sale, you get on with your work. The sale of products and services often involves the responsibility of providing after sales service, which is very important for users.

Wipe that millionaire duck face off your face and look on the bright side: the after sales service will not only help you retain your current customers, but may even provide you with some new ones. In this article we’re going to look at some ideas to help you improve your after sales service and to keep your customers happy.

– Call to find out if things are going well

It will be a pleasant act of courtesy and will provide you with valuable information.

Let time go by and get in touch with your customers to ask them how they are doing with your products or services. It will make a good impression and will give you useful information to help you make further progress. It is best if it is done by someone who has already had some previous contact with the customer, for example the person who was in charge of the sale; it will generate more proximity.

– Offer advice

Selling beds for dogs isn’t the same as selling components for the International Space Station, right? If your product requires it, specialized advice will be one of the added values most appreciated by your users.

There are many ways to offer it, depending on the needs of the product. You can offer courses, for example. Or you can create usage tutorials. Or make a good list with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Or even answer technical questions on social networks or forums. It’s all about helping your customers use your products and getting the most out of them.

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-Offer surprise-gifts or discounts

Why do we only offer discounts or gifts for new customers? Many companies make an effort to gain users by offering them all kinds of benefits while forgetting about those who have been around for a long time.

But they also have a little heart and will appreciate it if you reward their loyalty with gifts or an interesting discount. You may not be able to offer it to all of them but you can select those that will give you the most benefit or the ones that have been around for a long time.

– Create an app for your customers

It’s an original way to establish links with customers and it’s very fashionable today. An app installed on your users’ mobile phones will be an open door to your establishment so that they can access it as soon as they need it.

Thanks to this, you will be able to offer all kinds of valuable services, which may include some of the after sales services we have talked about earlier (means of contact, advice or discounts and gifts), as well as other ways of linking the customer with the company, such as games or valuable information.

Today, more and more companies have their own apps to increase loyalty and the variety of after sales services. There’s a reason for that, don’t you think?

– Provide outstanding customer service

It is the after sales service par excellence. You should not see this as a nuisance or as a necessary bad thing; customer service is not only essential in any business, but it provides a series of benefits, both for customers and for the company, that you should not forget.

On the one hand, it will allow you to retain customers you might otherwise lose. On the other hand, it will decisively strengthen the relationship between your users and your business. Because few actions generate a link between company and customer as effective as good customer service. And of course, it will be an excellent source of indirect advertising, which could also provide you with new customers through the recommendations and praise of your satisfied users when it comes to telling friends or family, or even spreading it on social networks or opinion websites.

And there’ s more to it than that. A well-structured and thought-out customer service will provide you with valuable information about the aspects of your business that can be improved and about the opinions your customers have about your products or services.

Good customer service is the “ultimate” after sales service, so you must take the greatest care of it. It’s just not always easy to offer it, is it?

Sometimes, maintaining effective customer service requires having many different aspects under control. You will need to work hard, have a good organization, very professional staff and the right tools to get the job done.

At this point, how about getting to know Pandora ITSM a bit better? Pandora ITSM is a program that has, among other features, an issue management system (help desk software) based on tickets (ticketing) that can be very useful for the management of customer service in companies and organizations.

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