We believe we have one of the most powerful open source monitoring software on the market. For this reason, there are more and more users are installing and using our free, open source version. Here we will show you the main differences between Pandora fms community vs enterprise.
If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re curious and are asking yourself what else Pandora FMS can do for you and your business. Let’s list the virtues of Pandora to help you decide whether you need the Enterprise version or you can continue with the Community open source version. Next some key differences between Pandora FMS Community vs Enterprise will be showed.

Event Intelligence

So, your Pandora FMS starts to generate events and you want to be able to interpret them and act accordingly. Has it ever occurred to you that you can trigger certain actions based on specific events? This is called event intelligence. Pandora FMS Enterprise lets you take action based on multiple correlated events.

The most basic implementation of this is to define an alert for a type of problem, whether it takes place in a single agent or a group of a thousand. Imagine having a single alert for a thousand cases. How much time would you save? How much more simple would managing the system be?

Another case is the famous “root cause”. With correlation rules Pandora itself will tell you what’s going on, for example, if an application is not responding, but shows connectivity, the machine it’s running on is working, and also the database, then we can infer that the application must be restarted. Just one example among many.

Professional Reports

Would you like to automatically deliver Pandora FMS reports to your customers with customized covers, your logo, and according to a specific schedule? Would you like to do it through a system of templates that can do all of the above and save you even more time?

The Enterprise version is designed to make the most of your time.

Widget-Oriented Modular Dashboard

Do you think your Pandora FMS console is stuck in a rut? Would you like to customize it, incorporating the most important widgets or components and be able to see your monitorization status at a glance?

We know that many of our users not only monitor hundreds of machines but take advantage of Pandora FMS’s flexibility to monitor applications and business processes. This usually means there are more eyes on your Pandora FMS checking up on the status of the installation, applications and business processes. Would you like to configure the dashboard according to each user profile to show what each profile should see on your dashboard ?

Agentless monitoring, without limits

Have you discovered the power of agentless monitoring and want to apply it to as many agents as possible?
In the Enterprise version there are no limits when it comes to monitoring agentless nodes and you can deploy your monitor more efficiently. With the Enterprise version you can monitor all nodes that do not allow the installation of agents, deploying the satellite server that allows even more flexible remote monitoring. In addition, Enterprise network servers have up to 100 times more speed and capacity.

Virtualization infrastructure monitoring

The proliferation of virtual machines has driven us to include in monitoring all these machines. Your Pandora FMS Open is only able to monitor the virtual machines in your infrastructure, but, do you think this is enough to be sure that everything is going well? We have 300 virtual machines in perfect condition, but what if our infrastructure virtualization, which supports these 300 machines, starts to have problems?
With Pandora FMS Enterprise you can not only monitor each of your virtual machines, but you can monitor your infrastructure virtualization: VMware, EC2, HyperV, XEN, RHEV among others.

Commercially-proven plugin technology at work in production environments

One of the greatest strengths of Pandora FMS is that you can create your own plugins and monitor anything you can think of . But have you thought about how long it takes to develop all the plugins you need? Wouldn’t you like to save all this time and dedicate it to more important tasks?
With the Enterprise version you have access to all existing plugin technology for complex and specialized production:
JD Edwards, DB2, Informix, SAP, AS400, Z-OS, Oracle, Edi, SQL Server, WebLogic, Exchange, Websphere, IBM MQ, Notes, Sybase …

Centralization and automation

Are you tired of having to run manual scripts to deploy plugins and settings across your network? With Pandora FMS Enterprise you can save time and ensure 100% deployment with its console plugins distribution and configurations. With a single click you can display anything you want using hundreds of servers through policy management.

Transactional monitoring (web applications and desktop)

With the open version of Pandora FMS you can monitor virtually everything you want to at infrastructure, server and application level. But wouldn’t you like to be able to monitor the transactionality of your company from the point of view of your customer?
We have over twelve years of experience in monitoring, and we know that the closer we can monitor our client the sooner we can detect the problem and find a solution with the least possible impact.
Pandora FMS Enterprise lets you simulate a transaction, whether through corporate web portals, web client applications, intranets or heavy desktop applications.
With this functionality you can be more confident that your systems not only work, but your customer experience is right.

Complex business processes

We are confident that with your Open Pandora FMS version you have been able to monitor many elements of your infrastructure. But things are often not as simple as monitoring if a disk is full, or if an application works or if the server is up. In the real world, in companies like yours, there are complex processes that require that several steps be carried out over long periods of time, sometimes in parallel, with different execution times.
With Pandora FMS Enterprise you can monitor any process of your organization and show its status in your custom process views. Procurement, insurance or mortgage processes, product purchases, logistics distributions (EDI) and many more can be monitored in your Pandora.
Thanks to this feature of Pandora FMS Enterprise you will know if there are bottlenecks and slowdowns in your processes, and be able to take steps to streamline and optimize them; and many more advantages.

Cloud Monitoring

Migrating services to the cloud substantially reduces operating costs and many companies are opting for this type of solution.

Are you in the cloud? Are you thinking about moving your infrastructure to the cloud?

Your open version Pandora FMS can add to your monitor solely information from machines within the cloud infrastructure. However, with the Enterprise version you can manage the data of the cloud infrastructure and integrate it into a single centralized monitoring, and, furthermore, validate the level of your service provider.

Infinite horizontal scaling

Is your open Pandora FMS running at the limits of its capabilities? Would you like better performance? Do you face challenges where you prefer to trust to the proven ability of a commercial product rather than constantly having to “hack” open source software?
The Enterprise version can scale up to tens of thousands of devices, and performance in some environments can be improved 1000%. Not to mention, that with that level of commitment, professional support will avoid many upsets.

Patch updates and 100% secure upgrades

Good monitoring can prevent complicated situations before they arise. Service downs can be prevented, but if a monitoring system goes down? You’re driving blind. The Enterprise updates, unlike the community ones, must pass rigorous quality testing. These consist of several stages, including a testing operation performed manually. We offer direct support and support our customers when they update. What if I have a problem with a community update? Patches of the OpenSource version are automatically generated each week, although obviously, those tests are not equivalent to those of the Enterprise version.

Support and consulting

Did you know that with the Enterprise version you have direct access to developers and the Pandora FMS sales team? Our team will not only help to resolve any questions you have and help you take the best decision, but they can also perform consulting improvements your monitor and perform the best kind of monitoring for your business. We don’t offer support or advice to the community version, because we are always working with long-term commitments.

We hope that after reading this article you may have a clearer idea of whether or not your business needs the Enterprise version. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to discuss it in the post and we will happily respond.