Pandora FMS Named An Emerging Favorite In Capterra Shortlist For Server Monitoring Software and APM

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The work is hard and there are high expectations, but we don’t give up! The fight goes on and every day we are happier with what we achieve and what we mean to our users.

Therefore, Pandora FMS is proud to announce its mention as an  Emerging Favorite  in 2022 Shortlist for Server Monitoring Software and APM by   Capterra, a free online service that helps organizations find the right software.

Pandora FMS is always among the favorites. Capterra knows this

*As many of you may already know, Capterra Shortlist is an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the software space that offer the most popular solutions. (Have a look at the Capterra Shortlist methodology here.)

As it could not be otherwise, our CEO and colleague Sancho Lerena has wanted to make some comments on this achievement:

“The first thing I would like to say is thank you. Sometimes it seems that one does not give enough thanks and there is much to thank, both to our coworkers and users, and even the Capterra platform itself. 

Especially because there are so many contributions and because it is absolutely always a huge honor to receive this kind of mention.” 

Here is a sample of our recognition in table format:

More achievements

Well, and that’s not all. 

Pandora FMS is also recognized as a Noteworthy Product in Capterra Shortlist for Application Performance Management Software

Our users have made it possible! 

With an overall rating of 4.6 out 5, we received some stellar reviews on Capterra:

“For a long time, we were looking for a monitoring solution that could ensure the resiliency of our web applications and finally, with the help of the Pandora FMS team, we found the right tool. 

Pandora FMS is an out-of-the-box monitoring solution that allows you to monitor your applications and systems and has a very intuitive interface that allows you to build your dashboards in no time. We can not wait to see what the future holds for Pandora FMS.”

[Kumar B.]

“Pandora FMS is a very handy monitoring tool for daily use. Accurate with metrics and useful reporting function for analysis of server performance. 

We are planning to widely distribute the agent across more servers for our customers.”

[Neil W.]

“Pandora FMS the perfect balance between price and quality.”

[Oskar R.]

The question now is, do you want to be the only one not to get on board with such a popular, effective and acclaimed product as Pandora FMS? As you see, you will hardly regret it! We’re counting on you!