Pandora ITSM

Can it be integrated with OCS Inventory?
Pandora ITSM already has its own inventory system, and certain inventory data can be imported from OCS. Pandora ITSM can make use of Pandora FMS agents to retrieve inventory information or can use its APIs to dynamically integrate information from other sources, a small custom script can also be created to import existing data from other systems.
Can it be integrated with our HR application?
Pandora ITSM makes it easy to import users from a CSV. In some specific client projects, such as the case of the EMT, we have made a simple integration that allows to keep users synchronized (registrations, deletions and modifications) with those of the HR database of the company.
LDAP and AD user integration
Pandora ITSM allows you to use LDAP or AD as a source to automatically authenticate and auto-create users in a given Pandora ITSM group.
Can users that work with different categories (worker, administrative, responsible) and access to different sections be created?
Yes, Pandora ITSM supports different profiles per group, so you may support different companies and/or departments with the same tool and different users can have different roles in different groups.
Does it allow to measure productivity (costs, hours) in project management?
Yes, there are predefined reports for productivity management and project monitoring based on the allocation of hours worked, associated costs and costs associated to the imputed profiles.
Can information (user fields, ticket fields, contract fields) be customized?
Yes, custom fields can be created on most Pandora ITSM objects.
Is it possible to identify each work period whether face-to-face, overtime, total or partial remote work, etc. (to compute time away or inside the office)?
Yes, it is possible.
Is Pandora ITSM used to control the working day of workers?
Yes, through its “Time Management”, function, it provides a comprehensive solution that also covers the administration of holidays, sick leave and unexcused absences.