WHAT’S NEW Pandora FMS 743

In Pandora FMS, we keep on working and that is why, despite the holidays, we’re launching a new release full of news. In this update 743, we have completely transformed usability in visual console editing. In addition, the Satellite Server buffer and the collection size in the Metaconsole have been optimized, among other developments.

Purpose for 2020 Zero bugs

Our challenge for 2020 is to achieve the so-called “zero bugs” in Pandora FMS, because we want for both users and our customers to have the best monitoring software.

French Wiki launching

Our translation team has finished translating the first part of our Wiki in French. If you want to take a look at our documentation in this increasingly international language, click here.

Also in Turkish!

And from French to Turkish. From now on, our home page will also be available in Turkish. This has been possible thanks to the collaboration efforts with our partner in Turkey: Duosis. Check out the Turkish website here.


New visual console editor: user-friendly and more intuitive

This update has been devoted to significantly improve visual console work and editing process. Some of the adjustments and notable improvements are the following:

  • Forms with new options to make configuration easier.
  • HTMLs will not be included by default when typing in an empty tag.
  • The option to show the legend has been included in graphs.
  • General refactoring of the edition to make it much more intuitive, drag&drop and totally WYSIWYG.

pandora fms release 743 1

pandora fms release 743 2

New search bar

A new smart search bar has been added. It will make access to Pandora FMS different sections easier, in addition to searching for information within the console itself.

pandora fms release 743 3

Create Failover in availability reports

Failover feature has been added to availability reports. This will allow users to have much more optimal availability information, since if the monitored main module falls, there will be a secondary one that will count towards the final SLA calculation.

pandora fms release 743 4

Metaconsole collection size

As of this release 743, you may choose the size of the collections that you wish to upload from the Metaconsole.

Automatic email alert graph generation

Good news for those users who use email alerts. From this update onwards, it will no longer be necessary to modify anything in the configuration file to generate graphs in alert emails, since it will auto-configure itself.

Satellite Server Buffer

Improvements have been added to data processing and communication between satellite servers and nodes, reinforcing sending of information.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented new module deployment.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding comments on events.
  • Fixed an error in the names of template-generated PDFs.
  • Fixed an error that erroneously listed the policies applied to an agent.
  • Fixed an issue that caused erroneous performance when performing certain actions with users whose name had a space at the end.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when editing a network map and changing the group.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when copying an alert action.
  • Fixed a bug in the advanced options of the module programming menu (crontab).
  • Fixed an issue regarding the name and description of report items.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented linking visual consoles.
  • Fixed an error in histogram reports whereby warning or critical status were not shown with string modules.
  • Fixed an error that prevented deleting the historical data of a module using the CLI.
  • Fixed an issue in report template creation.
  • Fixed the error where the event alert window in the Metaconsole was shown blank.
  • Fixed a bug that showed poorly encoded characters in inventory events.
  • Fixed several errors regarding agent contact time.
  • Fixed several errors in the waiting times of “remote_cmd” modules.
  • Fixed an issue regarding remote SNMP scanning.
  • Fixed several visual errors in policies.

We thank Dennis Brinkrolf, who reported a vulnerability in Pandora FMS, which has been fixed in this update.

We thank Askar, who reported a minor vulnerability in netflow_get_stats, which was fixed in the last release.

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