In this release 738, mass alerts have been incorporated into policies to make their creation process easier. In addition, different visual consoles have been added in this update, which will appear by default and can be customized according to the user’s needs. Several bugs concerning Metaconsole events and agents have been fixed – we remind you that it is available from 2 000 devices and for the Enterprise version.


New mass alerts added to policies

Within the creating alerts in policies section, it is now possible to generate alerts – both normal and external – in a massive way. Previously, they had to be entered individually, having to type in the exact name in the external alerts.

With this release 738, a selector will appear in both views to be able to enter the modules easily and very quickly.

release 738 alerts

release 738 pandora fms normal alerts

New Enterprise monitoring plugins

New plugins have been created to monitor more environments and devices. The Kubernetes monitoring plugin stands out among them, which will be used to control applications in containers, in addition to having information on the environment such as:

  • Amount of “pods” in the node.
  • Occupancy percentage of “pods” in the node.
  • Node CPU usage percentage.

Download it straight from our library here. Remember that this plugin is only available for Enterprise version users. Would you like to try it along with many other updates? Contact us!

New default visual console

This release 738 presents a catalog with different visual consoles pre-configured for users to use, customizing them to their liking. These templates will make the use of these consoles easier since they are predefined in a new Pandora FMS installation.

visual console what's new pandora fms 738

Other improvements

Visual enhancements

As in past releases, improvement work is being done on the Pandora FMS console to make it much more user-friendly.

Among other visual changes, the default parameters shown by the events have been modified, since the colors of these events have been reconfigured according to severity. In addition, the custom field view of the Metaconsole has been improved to make it more visual for users in large environments.

New macros

In order to be able to massively make more configurations in Pandora FMS, new macros have been added to obtain information on the system in a global way. Among others, the macro _timefrom_ has been added, which shows the data that is added in Items period before of the reports.


  • Fixed an error that prevented the contents of a visual console from being displayed when deploying the public link in the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed an issue where if the auto-refresh option was activated in the event view with full screen, the filter was not saved correctly, showing that one by default.
  • Fixed the bug whereby the global search engine did not detect the created custom graphs by name.
  • Fixed an issue where graphics were not shown in module views and tree view in the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed PDF creation errors in reports when entering custom graphs with the TIP token activated.
  • Fixed a visual error of submenu deployment within the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed the bug where, if a plugin created by policy was to be disabled within a software agent, instead of being disabled, it was deleted.
  • Fixed certain errors with the ACL permissions, by which users with the correct permissions could not access either the agents, or the console, nor the corresponding network maps.
  • Fixed the issue of editing collections in the Metaconsole that prevented editing existing collections. In turn, the collection links within a policy in the Metaconsole have been fixed.
  • Fixed bugs concerning Metaconsole events, where the information of the agent of each event was not correctly presented. Event replication failed in certain environments and the agents did not correctly update their information in the Metaconsole.

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