New package to update release Pandora FMS 731

As main event in this new Pandora FMS 731 update package we have the improvement of IP address management, better known as IPAM. Also, VLAN management, Supergrids and integration with Microsoft DHCP Server, are now included. It is possible as well to monitor the use of networks with alerts, graphs and reports.

New features and improvements

New and improved IPAM

In this Pandora FMS release 731, IP address management (IPAM) has been significantly improved. Among other aspects that have been optimized are the following:

  • A new VLAN configuration mode has been created with which you can associate one VLAN or more networks, as long as they are not already associated with another. As a result of this new mode, a VLAN operational view with all monitored VLANs and their information has also been implemented.

    In addition, a new wizard has been introduced with which you can scan all configured VLANs on a target device and incorporate those that are not monitored.

  • whats new 731

  • A new Supernet configuration mode has been implemented, allowing to associate different networks to it. Also, a new view has been added with a new network map that shows the supernets monitored by IPAM and the linked networks with information associated to each one of them.
  • whats new 731

  • Through a new IPAM script information can be collected from DHCP servers. This information will be discarded if there is a Pandora FMS software agent monitoring that machine.
  • To monitor the created networks, the server will receive an XML with the relevant data and will create an IPAM agent with the associated modules.
  • whats new 731

  • New information fields have been added both in the new and existing views, as well as in the exportable data in csv. Some data examples are:
    • Available IPs
    • Free IPs
    • Busy IPs
    • Reserved IPs
    • % Free IPs
  • Moreover, new additional filters have been created in the searches in order to examine the date of the last contacts.

New API calls

In the previous Pandora FMS update, several API improvements were made; with release 731 new calls have been created: to list and create event filters, alert commands, alert actions, collections and inventory modules, as well as the creation and management of module and user groups.

Massive event response execution

From this update, you will be able to execute the personalized responses of an event massively, with a limit of 10 events at a time.

whats new 731

Other improvements

  • Massive editing of modules has been optimized, reducing operation time considerably.
  • Several tasks have been performed to improve security in Pandora FMS.
  • The services widget visualization has been improved.
  • A status check spinner has been added when creating an agent with the Meta Console wizard to see the IP check status of the agent.
  • From this release 731 it will be possible to eliminate an agent inside a policy applying the change on that agent, without having to apply the other changes of the policy.


  • Fixed a problem that duplicated agents when filtering by group in the SLA wizard of Metaconsole reports.
  • Fixed an error where, when the connection to the database failed or was not established in a HA environment, the server stopped.
  • Fixed an error that prevented visualizing the secondary list of predefined modules when creating a module using the module_component dropdown list.
  • Within the view of the VMWare extension, several errors have been fixed in the representation of the name of the VMs when they had a complex name.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to delete the modules of synthetic predictive type arithmetic.
  • From this update it will be required to introduce an existing module when an external alert is generated in a policy, thus solving the bug with which the alerts were executed on random modules.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented changing and / or delete information in the submenu of user editing (Edit my User).
  • Fixed a problem that did not allow displaying the Min, Max and Limit fields in the “SLA Services” of Custom Reports.
  • Within the creation of alerts, we have solved the bug where the modules appeared by “alias” instead of by “id” which could cause an error if you had two agents with the same alias.
  • Fixed several bugs when editing the user in the console.
  • Fixed a Javascript problem on the module creation page that prevented both loading components and creating SNMP modules.
  • Fixed the error in the VMware console that prevented the correct display of the text when multiple searchdomain were defined in its configuration.
  • Resolution of minor PHP7 errors.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to display Tree View when configuring several widgets in the dashboard.
  • Fixed the problem that existed in the CSV format download of reports with graphs.

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