Good news everyone!

After too much time without news about the deb packages, we finally have them! However, we will just publish them here for a while, hoping people will test them, and then we will upload them to sourceforge:

These are the specific packages for Pandora FMS. Besides, you will need other packages that we also provide:

We hope to provide a deb URI to add to your deb sources so you won’t need to install the packages with dpkg but with apt-get ;)

In a week or so, if no bugs will be reported, we will publish the packages as official debs for Pandora FMS 2.1.1.

After installing the packages and their dependencies, you will have to manually load Pandora FMS servers and agent daemon, or restart the machine. The web console is located at http://localhost/pandora_console/

Thanks a lot to mariodebian for his work with these packages and his lecture about debian and deb packages.

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